10 Intriguing Kepler Space Telescope Discoveries

The Kepler space telescope was launched in Mar 2009 to brand planets outward a universe that compare a distance of Earth. When dual of a 4 “reaction wheels” that say a telescope’s accurate angling in space stopped operative scrupulously in 2013, many people suspicion a telescope’s goal was over.

Despite a setback, a telescope is operative again. Among other intriguing finds, it has detected another 1,000 exoplanets, that are planets that circuit a star other than a Sun.

10 The Exoplanet With The Longest Year

If we feel that your birthday doesn’t come around fast enough, be grateful that we don’t live on Kepler-421b. Of all a exoplanets that have been detected so far, Kepler-421b has a longest year on record.

We find an exoplanet by looking for a shade as it passes opposite a sun. The over divided an exoplanet is from a horde star, a longer a circuit of a exoplanet. That creates an exoplanet like Kepler-421b harder to detect with a apparatus since it so frequency crosses a trail of a star.

So how prolonged do we have to wait for your birthday on Kepler-421b? Approximately 704 days. That’s longer than a annual circuit of Mars, that takes 687 days to complete. Kepler-421b also has a aspect heat of -92 degrees Celsius (-135 °F) in box we indispensable another reason not to live there.

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