Top 10 Simple Yet Amazing Harry Potter Puns

Harry Potter, a enchanting universe full of magic and necromancy created for children yet dignified by many adults (usually due to them flourishing adult reading a books), has usually got a lot some-more funnier. Introducing elementary nonetheless extraordinary Harry Potter puns.

A pun, also called paronomasia, is a form of word play that suggests dual or some-more meanings usually in box we didn’t know. Well, to be honest we need to come adult with these small intro paragraphs for any post and to be honest we are using out of what to write.

Anyway, here’s 10 of a best Harry Potter puns – or paronomasia if you’re intelligent – so usually enjoy.

10. Slotherin


9. Drumbledore


8. Swagrid


7. Daniel Boringcliffe Daniel Radcliffe


6. Dumble Door


5. Hairy Potter


4. “After All This Time?” “Always”


3. Cold-emort, Old-emort, Mole-mort…


2. Snapes On A Plane


1. The Half-Blood Prince of Bel-Air


“Snapes on a Plane” and “Swagrid” had to be a favorite. We won’t lie, a small bit of diminutive did come out – usually like 3 droplets though. You’ve got to adore a good pun! What was your favorite? Let us know below. Also, they totally should make Snapes on a Plane. It can’t be as terrible as a origional one.

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