Top 10 Petty Acts By Government Officials In Democracies

There’s a saying that democracy isn’t the best form of government, but it is the least bad one. Given the many examples of various incompetents who have come to power or worked their way up through the civil service, it’s hard not to believe this, especially when you hear about some of the outrageous things they’ve done.

10 Brazilian Mayor Runs Entire Town Through WhatsApp

BELGRADE - JUNE 23, 2014 Popular social media icons whatsapp fac
While elected officials are sometimes corrupt or ignorant, it is very rare that they are simultaneously both. One of the most egregious examples of this happened in the backwater Brazilian town of Bom Jardim, where the corrupt mayor siphoned off $4 million from the town budget and used WhatsApp to run her government. While she lived the good life and partied in the state capitol more than 200 kilometers (124 mi) away, she used messages to send instructions to officials. That continued until 2015, when investigators finally caught on to what she was doing, and she went on the run.

The mayor in question, Lidiane Leite, had been elected to replace the previous mayor, her boyfriend, after he was banned for corruption. After being elected, she appointed him her chief adviser and left much of the running of the town to him while she lived the high life. What is most shocking is that she had the audacity to post pictures of herself living the good life on social media, and she somehow got away with it for three years.

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