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Nolan Moore Feb 18, 2014

So we wish to be a writer? If we even worried to click on this list, you’ve already certified it to yourself. Maybe essay is your passion. Maybe it’s your hobby. Or maybe you’ve usually run into an awful essay somewhere on a Web and suspicion to yourself, “Hey, we could do improved than this.” Well, if we can come adult with an implausible Top 10 list, afterwards we here during Listverse will tell your work for all a universe to see. How many people exactly? Try one million visits per day.

We’ll even give we income for your tough work: US$100 to be accurate (paid around paypal or bitcoin). Interested? Then check out a submissions page. Or maybe you’re not assured yet. Maybe we need some-more than 100 portraits of George Washington’s immature mop to remonstrate we that Listverse is estimable of your blood, sweat, and tears. Not sure? Let me remonstrate you.

6 You’re Totally Qualified


Breaking into a new margin can be challenging, generally if you’re a writer. Lots of sites are looking for folks with “experience only” that is flattering troublesome for newcomers. But here during Listverse, we’re usually like famed rocker Billy Joel: We adore we usually a approach we are. It doesn’t matter if you’re an determined novelist, an attorney, a filmmaker, a man who thinks he’s a car, or a ’70s stone star who played with Joan Jett and a Runaways. All we have to do is follow a discipline and get bustling typing. Seriously, it’s so elementary that, well, even we can do it. Before submitting my initial Listverse article, we hadn’t created anything other than college papers and extensively Facebook rants. we usually had an thought and a mechanism and afterwards boom! we was on a front page of a site. And that’s a really lenient experience.

5 You Can Show Off Your Smarts


You’re a singular particular with your possess extraordinary experiences. Wouldn’t we like to share them with a world? Maybe you’ve trafficked a globe, and you’ve seen things many people wouldn’t believe. Then since not write an essay about your practice like 10 Bizarre Aspects Of Chinese Culture? Maybe you’re a domestic addict who’s spent your life study general affairs so we could write a list like The 10 Worst Diplomatic Faux Pas By Famous Politicians. Or maybe your comprehensive believe of film trivia would put Quentin Tarantino to shame. If so, share it with a rest of humankind and write something like 10 Obscure Films Memorialized For All The Wrong Reasons.

As for me, I’ve spent a final 3 years training English to South Korean students, a pursuit that supposing copiousness of engaging tidbits for a list like 10 Awesome Facts About South Korea. And as a teenager, we knew a integrate of paranoid bulb jobs that supposing copiousness of provender for lists like 10 Crazy Catholic Conspiracy Theories. So what do we do for a living? Where have we been, what have we seen, and what do we suffer articulate about? Put it in a list and send it here. The universe wants to review it, and we wish to compensate we for it.

4 Access To The Writers’ Forum

Did we know Listverse has a forum dedicated generally to a writers? It’s privately built to let writers work directly with a editors, bond with other writers and people who know people, and get a glance of a fascinating small details and outs of a business. And we wish you to be there, too.

Once you’ve had your initial essay published, you’ll be given entrance to a forum. Every day, a editors post extraordinary factlets they wish to see incited into lists—you explain an idea, and divided we go! It competence be a closest thing to giveaway income this side of a damaged ATM. If we can cut a mustard, we wish to assistance we cut it harder (and write clever metaphors).

(Note: If we have been published on a site, though haven’t perceived your invitation, let a bosses know. They’ll get we set up.)

3 You’d Be Writing For One Of The Best Sites On The Web


Maybe you’re in a essay diversion for a prestige, and we don’t wish to sell your work to usually any Top 10 website. Fair enough. We aren’t going to name names, though there are copiousness of places that tell subpar articles riddled with typos and a latest publication headlines. But that’s not going to occur during Listverse. Not usually do we have simple, candid discipline that’ll uncover we a ropes, though we have a moment group of editors who will make your articles all a some-more veteran by throwing your typos and dispensing sage, Yoda-esque advice. The things published here is a best of a best.

Of course, we don’t have to take my word for it. The folks during Time repository know a thing or dual about lists. After all, they write them all the . . . time. And in 2011, they gathered a list of a 25 best blogs on a web. Care to theory that Top 10 website founded by Jamie Frater done a cut? Not usually that, though Listverse has been featured by a BBC, New York Times, National Geographic, and PBS. Imagine revelation your friends—or destiny employer—that you’ve created for a website like Listverse, all since we clicked this link. At a really least, your mom will be proud.

2 Your List Could Show Up In A Book

Did we know Listverse is in a book business? As of right now, we’ve published 3 books of a content, and a fourth one is already accessible for pre-order. Wouldn’t it be overwhelming if your list showed adult in a fifth? Our books are crowded of a best articles Listverse has to offer. If we can make it on a site, we competence make it into a book, a book that’s going to finish adult in libraries, stores, and coffee tables around a world. And presumption it’s kept distant divided from moisture, book lice, and nazi firemen, it’s going to final a prolonged time. So consider about it like this . . . you’ve review a discipline and sent in a $100 list for millions of people to read, and as an combined bonus, your work competence finish adult on a Barnes Noble bookshelf. If zero else, they’d make cold Christmas gifts for your friends, or an glorious approach to deliver yourself during parties. “Yeah, I’m a published author.”

1 Now Just Go Do It

Have we totally assured we to get started on your initial mind-blowing list? Maybe we feel prepared to burst in right now. You’ve been reading a site for a prolonged time, and we know what we like to review and publish. In that case, double-check your sources and dive right in.

But maybe we take things a small slower. Maybe we wish to review 10 Tips for Getting Paid to Write for Listverse. It’s another good essay full of plain recommendation from a man who knows all a tricks of a trade. If you’re meditative about giving Listverse a go, it’s really value your time.

+ Don’t Forget About KnowledgeNuts

If Listverse is a crater of caramel macchiato, abounding and full, afterwards KnowledgeNuts is a shot of espresso. The site is full of micro-articles charged with clever doses of engaging info. Not usually is it a blast for readers, it’s an overwhelming event for writers.

Maybe we know one cold fact about Japanese history. That’s not adequate for a list, though it’s ideal for a Nut! Throw together a few hundred difference about something like The Ant-Walking Alligators Of Hiroshima, and you’ll make an easy 10 dollars! Do we always scold your friends on The Difference Between Hades And Satan? Well, there are copiousness of people who don’t (people like me) so spin that tidbit into a KnowledgeNut. Or if we courage your teeth whenever people discuss a brontosaurus, explain how The Brontosaurus Never Existed and lift down a discerning 10 bucks. If we can keep it short, strong, and entertaining, afterwards we should give KnowledgeNuts a try!

Nolan Moore is an ESL clergyman who spends his gangling time essay for Listverse.

If we wish to send him an thought for a list, offer him a remunerative essay pursuit or usually send him hatred mail, fire him an email during nolanmoore.88@gmail.com.

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