10 Victims Who Went Unidentified for Years

Every year, there are countless group and women who are found defunct and sojourn unidentified, so they simply turn famous as John or Jane Doe. In a past, a contingency of being means to expose their identities were not good. Thankfully, within a past few decades, we have seen conspicuous advances in debate scholarship and DNA technology, so identifying these victims is no longer impossible.

These advances have authorised for a closure of several cold cases involving unclear decedents. In fact, some of those cases have been featured right here on Listverse. Even if a plant had been defunct for several decades, DNA contrast authorised for their certain identification. Here are some some-more cases where a John or Jane Doe remained unclear for years until dedicated sleuths helped them get their names back.

10 Barbara Ann Hackman-Taylor, ‘Tent Girl’


On May 17, 1968, a good digger named Wilbur Riddle was walking down a mud highway nearby Route 25 only outward Lexington, Kentucky. He came opposite a vast immature tarpaulin routinely used for transporting fair tents. It incited out that a nude, decomposing physique of a immature lady was wrapped adult inside. She seemed to be in her twenties and had been passed for months. Her accurate means of genocide could not be determined, though it was theorized that she was knocked comatose and died of suffocation after being wrapped in a tarpaulin. The plant could not be identified and became famous as “Tent Girl.”

Decades later, Wilbur Riddle’s son-in-law, Todd Matthews, turn spooky with uncovering Tent Girl’s identity. He combined a website clinging to a case, and eventually, he came opposite a personal ad from a lady who was acid for her blank sister, Barbara Ann Hackman-Taylor. At age 24, Barbara had mysteriously left from Lexington in Dec 1967. Matthews suspicion she gimlet distinguished similarities to Tent Girl and organised to have a unclear woman’s physique exhumed. In Apr 1998, DNA contrast dynamic that Barbara Ann Hackman-Taylor and Tent Girl were a same person.

The accurate resources of Barbara’s genocide are still unknown, though a primary think was her husband, George Earl Taylor, who happened to be a fair worker. He never filed a blank persons news and told Barbara’s family that she had left him for another man. However, George took all of his secrets to a grave when he died of cancer in Oct 1987. Todd Matthews has given left on to found a Doe Network, an online database containing thousands of profiles for unclear decedents.

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