10 Unknown Social Media Networks


Zachery Brasier Feb 15, 2016

Social networking is one of a insubordinate trends of a time. While many people know a large amicable networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, many less-known sites are perplexing to usually get their feet off a belligerent or support to usually niche demographics.

10Line For Heaven


For those who do not find Facebook or Reddit Christian enough, a organisation of courageous Christians combined a website Line For Heaven, a amicable media site privately for those Christians who wish to contest in a practical competition to heaven. On Line For Heaven, users contest for kismet points by doing tasks that strike them adult aloft and aloft in a celestial ladder.

Users acquire kismet points by ancillary causes and personification games as good as other some-more religious-themed actions like giving other users blessings and admissing their sins. The some-more actions completed, a closer a chairman is to godliness, with a tip user of a site being a closest to heaven, a place now hold by supposed “Angel #1,” who goes by a name of “BJ.”

The ideas behind Line For Heaven competence seem off-putting. For instance, people get 20 kismet points if they confess to a impiety and if 20 people pardon them of a sin. But they also can accept points for simply removing other people to join a amicable network.



While many amicable networks publicize their ability for people to bond opposite a world, a makers of Nextdoor are some-more focused on formulating amicable networks within evident surroundings. Users of Nextdoor can usually bond with people within their possess village area and surrounding neighborhoods. Limiting a network to tiny geographic area helps strengthen a remoteness of a users.

Nextdoor creates a communication network for neighborhoods. The advertised use of Nextdoor is to assistance people find internal business for their needs, sinecure internal babysitters, and (most importantly) widespread information about probable crimes in a area, formulating a practical area watch that can warning homeowners of probable threats to their safety.

In a past few years, Nextdoor has attacted debate from several journalists, some of whom trust that a network will lead to area bullying. Another critique comes from a palliate of secular profiling on a app. Most of a “suspicious activity” reported by neighbors focuses around African-American visitors to a community. Users trust that a app allows communities to spin some-more intent in secular profiling than they differently would.



Although now defunct, ZiiTrend was an engaging amicable media site in a mid-2000s that focused on a predictive capabilities of a Internet community. ZiiTrend users orderly themselves by areas of interest, that could operation from economics to even a paltry tasks of bland life. Then, a users would any send predictions about destiny events for everybody to opinion on.

Using programming algorithims, a ZiiTrend servers brought together these predictions and posted many expected outcome for destiny events. Thus, it relied on a common believe of a Internet to find out a trends that a universe was experiencing.

The sparkling aspect of user-parsed destiny predictions was a large lift of ZiiTrend. Unfortunately, it did not locate on. Some tech pundits believed that a website was not user-friendly adequate for first-time users and did not develop to have a extended set of features. Whatever a case, ZiiTrend fell apart, withdrawal it usually an engaging footnote in initial amicable networks.


Another now-defunct amicable network is Ncludr, that had an engaging take on Facebook’s user-generated profiles. Designed as a tongue-in-cheek fun of complicated amicable networks, Ncludr had users answer a few questions when they sealed adult and afterwards generated a form formed on a questions. All of a opposite aspects of a user’s form were dynamic by a algorithm and could not be changed.

Ncludr also done everybody friends with everybody else. Where Facebook requires people to send one another crony requests and wait for a response, a user of Ncludr was automatically connected with each other user on a network (and some-more than a few feign profiles). This separated remoteness though also showed that people had 12.3 billion friends.

When it initial came out, tech reporters satisfied that whoever combined Ncludr purebred a website anonymously, that serve reliable that a thing was a large joke. Nonetheless, it fast became a indicate of seductiveness for Internet users looking for something different. Ncludr stays one of a few satire amicable network sites.

6Dark Web Social Networks


The dim web is a collection of websites that are not permitted by customary browsers, mostly requiring specialized collection such as Tor browsers to strech them. Unlike a aspect web (the Internet that many people are informed with), a dim web is not searchable by many web crawlers and is also good famous as a breakwater for a darkest tools of society, including orderly crime and child pornography. But some dim web users have used a anonymity of a dim web to set adult special amicable networks.

Since it is unfit to index a dim web, it is also unfit to know a border of a dim web amicable networks, though a few sites are famous to a aspect web world. One of a some-more manifest dim web amicable networks is Galaxy2, designed by a programmer who goes by a name Lameth. Galaxy2 requires all users to use pseudonyms though allows them to speak and correlate like in a normal network. Galaxy2, like many dim web sites, attracts people like child pornographers, though Lameth designed his network to make certain that they would not be means to control their activities by a site. While tiny and dim from normal view, Galaxy2 has usually as active of a user bottom as Facebook or Twitter.

Other dim web amicable networks take on a some-more domestic edge, such as a network Darknet Nation. The website is a breakwater for those who competence have radical domestic beliefs or opinions, permitting them to promulgate with identical people. Darknet Nation runs like a decentralized government, giving opposite officers control over opposite tools of a site though though a singular chairman in assign of everything. In this way, Darknet Nation hopes to move some sequence to a commotion of a dim web.



Effortlessly transmitting files and links to other people is one of a categorical appeals of smartphone technology, though a developers behind Chirp are holding this amicable network thought in a opposite direction. Using program that encodes images and files as sound, Chirp allows people to bond and share information though carrying any information or Wi-Fi tie on their phones.

The thought behind Chirp is flattering elementary though fascinating. The app takes a files and encodes it as sound, that can be played over any audio device. When it is played, anybody regulating Chirp on their inclination in a closeness will collect adult a sound and save it for later. Once a device gets Internet access, Chirp decodes a sound record and presents a element to a user on an interface identical to a Facebook wall.

Designers of a app are formulation on it revolutionizing information sharing. Since Chirps broadcast around sound, they are ideal for mass pity of files and information regulating loudspeakers or radios. Advertisers and radio stations would advantage from a complement by promulgation users present cinema and credentials information when they are during events. Chirp also gives private users a ability to send mixed files intensely quickly.



REMCloud is unfortunately not a amicable network site formed around a renouned rope R.E.M. Instead, it is a new amicable network that attempts to offer suggestive amicable interactions centered on dreams.

Users of REMCloud supplement their possess dreams to a site, where others can see them. Then, other people demeanour during their dreams and offer suggestions about what they mean. For dream interpretations, users can possibly select to speak about them in private chats with their connectors or open them adult to a community, where all users of REMCloud can plead what they consider a meanings are.

The many engaging underline of REMCloud is a Dream Mosaic. By characterizing dreams regulating pivotal difference and locations, REMCloud completes an interactive map arrangement what people are forgetful about in opposite tools of a world. This surprising underline will concede users to see what a many common dreams are in several areas, opening adult some-more bargain of a tellurian population.

3Stache Passions


Niche dating sites mostly spin into amicable networks on their own, and Stache Passions is no exception. As we competence have guessed, Stache Passions is a website only for people who have mustaches, a some-more singular and engaging a better. While a website started essentially for dating, a developers now publicize it as a place for anybody with a passion for mustaches.

Stache Passions includes a accumulation of engaging people with fun names like HairyDoyle or ColonStache. The user bottom is utterly eclectic, even including several women and transsexuals. Since a start, Stache Passions has grown into a finish Internet community, including pages that uncover a list of favorite books, video games, and cinema among a users. The site has a rating complement where people can arrange mustaches as “newbie,” “expert,” or “Stache Groupie.” They even have a familiar song.


While all a other amicable networks listed above are open to anybody who can find them, these subsequent dual are limiting and are some of a many disdainful online communities. One of a bigger communities is Affluence, a amicable network that anybody can request to, though they have to pass an focus routine that includes a credentials check on their personal wealth. To pass a credentials check, members contingency make $200,000 a year or have a net value of $1 million.

Even if we do not have a money, don’t worry. People can still get into Affluence if 5 purebred users attest that they are top category adequate to take partial in a online community. Developers state that a limiting inlet of a website allows for improved calm than a normal amicable networks and allows people to make connectors with other successful people.

Creator Russell Rockefeller assures a open that there is no large swindling going on in a tip network of Affluence. Rather, a amicable network usually allows successful people opening to a best universe events and connectors that can assistance them get even wealthier. Users of Affluence have a personal practical concierge that creates certain they know about all a disdainful parties and events opposite a globe, assisting them live a rich lifestyle.



Even some-more disdainful than Affluence is a amicable network ASmallWorld. In sequence for a chairman to get into ASmallWorld, they need to have a college degree, make adequate income for their focus to go through, and get invited by members already on a site.

ASmallWorld networks a elite. The biggest pull is to assistance a members transport some-more effectively and get a really best oppulance hotels and restaurants that a universe has to offer. Membership on a network also includes perks like opening to disdainful nightclubs and giveaway services in several vital cities.

Despite those claims, ASmallWorld has issues with a business indication given it does not have advertisements and is not creation really most income for a creator. Because of this, everybody has to compensate $110 a year as a subscription fee. But even that is not enough, since ASmallWorld caps a membership during 250,000 people.

Zachery Brasier is a production tyro who likes to write on a side. Check out his blog during zacherybrasier.com.


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