10 Strange Attempts To Start Internet Mysteries

Although a Internet is a good place for elucidate mysteries, it is also a hearth of many more. Often, there isn’t most information accessible about these weird websites and videos, though it can be fun to nonplus out what’s going on.

10 Karin Catherine Waldegrave


In 2011, a weird lady named Karin Catherine Waldegrave from Canada began posting a vast series of foolish posts on Facebook. It was generally bizarre that she replied to her possess ramblings—sometimes as many as 700 times.

According to her profile, she had a PhD from a University of Toronto. Supposedly, she had also trafficked by opposite countries and schooled languages such as French, Estonian, Latvian, English, Russian, Gallic, Latin, and German.

For such a clearly prepared person, a posts seemed like a ravings of a insane woman. Although some posts primarily sounded normal and coherent, they shortly slipped into senseless phrases.

Her comment featured several photos, nonetheless they all showed signs of repairs to a film. In a midst of posting her nonsense, she began mentioning several obvious conspiracies involving a FBI, a CIA, a “men in black,” a Nazis, and a “elite.”

Readers didn’t know if she was schizophrenic or if she was posting some arrange of espionage communication. It was also misleading if these postings were finished by one chairman or by several people accessing a account.

Waldegrave’s ability to post intensely prolonged paragraphs within seconds or mins of any other seemed to be humanly impossible. Was this some arrange of programmed posting finished by a puzzling coder? If so, why?

Although she seemed normal on a surface, she unexpected began replying to her possess messages for 12 hours a day. Were these rantings truly some tip comprehension that she had about obvious conspiracies? Or was it all finished up?

As of early 2016, a locale of Karin Catherine Waldegrave are unknown. After deletion her comment from Facebook, she left but explanation. Some assume that she was put in a mental sanatorium while others trust that she is blank or dead.

However, there is a Facebook fan page that keeps tabs on her. Some people have found Facebook accounts with identical postings that they trust to have come from Karin. Others trust that she switched accounts since she was receiving too many crony requests.

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