10 Real Honeypot Operations That Played Out Like Spy Thrillers

The honeypot competence be a many glamorized espionage technique in fiction. It’s a story of inside phone calls and late-night rendezvous, of secrets whispered by fibbing lips. But femme fatales and lovers’ plots are not disdainful to fiction. Although a honeypot isn’t used as mostly as other view techniques, it still has a place in a genuine world.

10For The Love Of Clayton Lonetree

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There was never a male lonelier than Clayton Lonetree. A Navajo native, Sergeant Lonetree was stationed during a US embassy in Moscow during a Cold War, and distinct many of a other Marine guards on base, Clayton didn’t have a mother or a partner to write to him. He took to difficult drinking, that distanced him even some-more from his colleagues in a Corps.

Disconsolate and increasingly artificial with his assignment abroad, Clayton though refused to ask a transfer. He came from a prolonged line of unapproachable Marines, renowned Navajos who had died portion their nation in past wars, and he wasn’t penetrating to be a one who stained a family name.

That’s when waste Clayton Lonetree met Violetta Seina.

The dual initial crossed paths during a Marine round in Nov 1985, and Clayton was soft from a start. Violetta was a new translator during a embassy. She was beautiful, young, Russian, and exotic. Even better, she took a fondness to Lonetree. They began holding prolonged walks before sojourning to Violetta’s unit for a night. Before long, Clayton Lonetree avowed his adore to Violetta. To his delight, she returned a sentiment.

It was a dangerous time to adore a Russian. Lonetree famous their conditions for what it was, and he went to good lengths to make certain he wasn’t being followed to Violetta’s apartment. After they had been dating in tip for several months, Violetta introduced Clayton to her uncle, who lavished Clayton with usually as many courtesy as Violetta had. Uncle Sasha seemed fervent to learn about any aspect of Clayton Lonetree’s life, generally his work during a embassy. At some point, Clayton began to comprehend a truth . . . kind aged Uncle Sasha was a KGB agent. In all likelihood, so was Violetta. He’d been duped.

But if adore isn’t wholly blind, it’s during slightest tenacious. Lonetree doubled his efforts during privacy and kept assembly with Violetta and Sasha for 6 some-more months, until he was scheduled to lapse home. Only Lonetree didn’t wish to go back. At his request, he was reserved to a embassy in Vienna where he continued to accommodate with Sasha. He began offered papers and embassy blueprints to Sasha, stashing a income for a lapse outing to Moscow to marry Violetta. He suggested a identities of CIA agents in Austria. He gave Sasha all a male asked for, seduced by promises of a reunion with Violetta.

Finally, though, Clayton couldn’t take it anymore. In Dec 1986, Clayton got dipsomaniac and spilled all to a CIA agent. He was subsequently arrested and attempted for espionage. Clayton Lonetree served 9 years in a troops jail and never saw Violetta again.

9The Blackmail Of Irvin C. Scarbeck

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She was a immature Polish lady in distress. He was a married male with 3 children. The environment was Warsaw in 1959, and it was a set-up from a unequivocally beginning.

The box of Irvin C. Scarbeck is a matter of chronological certainty. While portion as a unfamiliar use officer for a US State Department in Poland, Scarbeck, 41, had an event with Urszula Maria Discher, who was 22 during a time. Polish agents pennyless into a unit and took photos of a dual in bed, afterwards threatened to send a photos to Scarbeck’s family unless he incited hypocrite and gave them state secrets.

But during Scarbeck’s trial, what had creatively seemed to be a clear-cut, voluptuous view liaison incited out to be a story some-more concerned than anyone could have imagined. According to Discher’s testimony, their event hadn’t been about sex—at least, not during a beginning. When Discher met Scarbeck, she’d been an waif for over a decade. Her vital buliding were zero some-more than a store attic that she common with several other girls. She couldn’t means food, let alone a mattress to nap on.

Scarbeck took empathize on a lady and gave her income for groceries and new clothes. Later, he changed her into an unit and paid a lease himself, usually so she would have a roof over her head. Even while he was being blackmailed, Scarbeck refused to take any income for a information he upheld on. Instead, he got Discher a pass and done certain she had protected thoroughfare out of Poland and into West Germany.

Maybe it was all a distortion dictated to drum adult magnetism from a jury. Maybe it wasn’t, and Irvin Scarbeck simply went too distant while assisting out someone in need. Urszula Discher was never rigourously connected to a Polish police, and she even flew to a US to be a declare during Scarbeck’s testimony. Regardless of how a event played out, Scarbeck was found guilty of espionage and condemned to 3 uninterrupted 10-year sentences. The terms were after reduced to indicate sentences, and Scarbeck was expelled on release in 1966.

8The Sharon Scranage Scandal

Sometimes reaching out and holding someone's palm is a beginnin

The drought that tormented Ghana from 1981 to 1983 plunged millions of people into starvation. Seemingly overnight, a nation became a famine-stricken wasteland, a conditions that usually got worse when Nigeria deported over one million Ghanaians behind into a nation that had no wish of feeding them.

The conditions was dire, and it was into this sea of misunderstanding that Sharon Scranage landed on May 27, 1983. A clerk and stenographer for a CIA’s Directorate of Operations in Africa, Scranage was fundamentally a nobody. She’d married once and divorced dual years later, and when she arrived in Africa, a destiny was all she had. She had no approach of suspecting that 39-year-old Michael Soussoudis would shortly travel into that future.

Soussoudis was an comprehension officer for a Ghanaian supervision who’d difficult in West Germany and New York City. He was large and charming, and by all accounts, he had a ambience for American women. But Sharon Scranage wasn’t usually another fling. For Soussoudis, Sharon was all business. He’d been reserved to her specifically, and it wasn’t prolonged before Soussoudis had a heading purpose in her bed and her heart. Their intrigue lasted 18 prolonged months, during that Soussoudis drilled Sharon for all she knew about a CIA’s activities in Ghana. Scranage gave adult a identities of agents, CIA informants, and communications information.

When Scranage returned to a US, she was given a polygraph exam that suggested that she had been tossing out CIA secrets. The implications were enormous. Every singular one of a informants she’d given adult could be executed during a moment’s notice. But Sharon wasn’t utterly prepared to quit. Backed by a CIA and FBI, she asked Michael Soussoudis to accommodate her for one final night. It was time to set adult a small honeypot of her own.

Soussoudis flew to a US, lured by a guarantee of some-more secrets and some-more Scranage. Sharon had him accommodate her during a motel where he was immediately arrested by a FBI. But when a Ghanaian supervision listened of Soussoudis’s arrest, they took measures of their possess and arrested a informants whom Sharon had unmasked to Soussoudis during a past year. It’s believed that one of these informants was executed in a indirect chaos, though finally a dirt settled, and a rest of a informants were traded for Michael Soussoudis.

Sharon Scranage was condemned to 5 years for exposing a CIA operatives, nonetheless she was after expelled after portion 8 months.

7The Homosexual Plot

Frightened bureau worker

In 1952, it was bootleg to be homosexual in Britain and many a genocide judgment in a Soviet Union. That done life utterly formidable for John Vassall when he was reserved to a British embassy in Moscow. Vassall was a low-level employee, nobody who would have been deliberate a confidence risk, though he was tighten adequate to personal materials that he could have accessed them if he’d put his mind to it. And that’s accurately what he did for 7 years.

It all started with an orgy. After vital in Moscow for some time, Vassall went out to cooking with one of a Russian interpreters from a embassy. He drank. A lot. Every time he emptied his glass, it seemed like someone was there to fill it behind up. Then, he was led into a behind room and given some-more wine while several large organisation helped him undress. After enchanting in “compromising passionate actions” with “two or 3 men,” a celebration abruptly ended, and Vassall found himself being led to an apartment. The party, of course, had been organised by a KGB. Pictures had been taken. Still exuberantly boozed, Vassall was given dual options: play round with a KGB or risk bearing and rapist prosecution.

It was open-and-shut. Vassall grabbed a former choice and immediately found himself sucked into a rigmarole of ecclesiastic espionage. If he indispensable to hit someone, he was educated to “leave a round in pinkish marker on a wooden blockade directly above a box of a [certain] tree.” He usually did that once. The rest of a time, he simply pressed some papers into his briefcase, walked out of a embassy, and photographed a papers.

Life was good for John Vassall. The KGB was now profitable him for his work, and a additional income afforded him a intemperate lifestyle. Even after returning to London in 1956 and being reserved to a Admiralty, Vassall continued to pass supervision secrets to a KGB.

Then, Anatoliy Golitsyn happened. A comparison KGB official, Golitsyn defected in 1961 and cautioned that there competence be a view in a Admiralty. Inevitably, guess fell on John Vassall, who was clearly vital outward his means. Vassall was arrested and given an 18-year sentence. He was expelled after 11 years and went on to live a still life until his flitting in 1996.

6Code Name: Parlor Maid


For 20 years, Katrina Leung led a double life with 3 organisation in dual opposite countries, and she done millions doing it. The initial male was her husband. Kam Leung was a associate tyro during Cornell University in a same category as Katrina. They met during a tyro picnic. Kam gave her his cloak since she was cold. The dual got married in 1975, and a year later, they both graduated and changed to Chicago.

In 1980, Katrina met a second man. She and Kam had usually changed to Los Angeles, and Katrina was apropos concerned in a pro-China romantic group. Political family were moving between a US and China during a time, and a FBI took a special seductiveness in anyone who upheld a People’s Republic. Katrina’s friend, Hanson Huang, drew utterly a bit of courtesy from a Bureau, so they non-stop an review on Huang. The lead questioner was a G-man from LA, James J. Smith, famous as J.J. around a office.

Before a review could volume to anything, Huang was arrested in China. It was a upheld finish all around, though J.J. still guess Huang could be useful. So he contacted Leung and asked her if she knew anything. Surprisingly, she did, and she gave it adult immediately. Intrigued, J.J. baked adult a special assignment for a immature lady who had wooed her father with her innocence. He wanted Katrina to fly to a People’s Republic of China, finagle a revisit to Huang’s prison, and modify Huang into an FBI informant.

The goal was a outstanding success, and J.J. gave Katrina an FBI formula name many on a spot. She was now “Parlor Maid,” and for a subsequent dual decades, she was one of a FBI’s many cherished agents inside Communist China. J.J. had brought her in, so he became her handler.

But like many men, J.J. didn’t comprehend who was doing whom in their central relationship . . . or their private one. Almost immediately, they were in bed together. Katrina had snagged a comprehensive faithfulness of one of LA’s tip Bureau men. J.J. had inadvertently tripped over a solid in a rough, and he wasn’t bashful about polishing it. Katrina’s margin reports were so good that J.J. subsequent speedy her to hit a Ministry of State Security (MSS) and spin a double agent.

It worked like a charm. Katrina flew to China during slightest once or twice a year and schmoozed with a country’s tip officials. She smuggled personal information by a Red Curtain for Reagan, Clinton, and both Bush administrations. Nobody could have stopped her if they’d tried. Not even, it incited out, a FBI.

Exactly when Katrina Leung incited into a loyal double representative is uncertain. She upheld polygraph tests in both 1984 and 1986, so it was presumably someday after that. But during some point, her work for a MSS became usually as genuine as her work for a FBI. With J.J. wrapped around her small finger, she had entrance to tip tip Bureau documents, many of that J.J. delivered directly to her.

And so entered a third man: Special Agent William Cleveland Jr. In 1988, J.J. introduced Katrina and Cleveland, unwittingly giving a Beijing Tiger another source of information. Cleveland took her to bed usually as energetically as J.J. had, notwithstanding being married. (J.J. was, too.) Three years later, Katrina was held on fasten giving personal information to her MSS handler. That should have been a finish of it, though J.J. vouched for her so vehemently that a emanate was dropped.

It wasn’t until 2000 that Katrina fell underneath guess again, and in 2003, she was arrested. By then, she had perceived some-more than $1.7 million from a FBI, and whatever she warranted during a MSS, though in 2005, her box was discharged due to prosecutorial misconduct.

5The Pakistani Penetration

Indian beauty

In 2005, a Pakistani atmosphere dripped with distrust. Foreign troops participation was during an all-time high, and mixed rebellion groups along a northwest limit had Pakistan’s supervision drawn thin. In a core of a dispute was a Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), one of Pakistan’s vital comprehension groups. Along with a CIA, a ISI saved and orderly Al-Qaeda during a Afghan Civil War, and there have been allegations that a ISI continued to support Al-Qaeda and a Taliban by a spin of a century.

As a troops attache to a unfamiliar country, Brigadier Andrew Durcan was lerned to mark intensity comprehension breaches. But a immature Pakistani lady was usually another local. She didn’t speak like a spy, didn’t act like a spy. She was usually accessible (and pretty), and Durcan saw no problem with vouchsafing her tab along when he got together with his buddies—buddies who happened to embody high-ranking officers in a British army.

But eventually, this flattering immature Pakistani lady held a courtesy of MI6, and they dug adult what Brigadier Durcan never even worried to demeanour for. The lady was an user with ISI who’d been lerned to collect adult on a pointed nuances of after-hours officer talk. She’d never been meddlesome in Durcan. She usually used him to get into a bars where a officers drank.

Following a discovery, Andrew Durcan was dishonorably relieved of his position in Islamabad. And notwithstanding what many papers minute about a limit of Durcan’s attribute with a ISI spy, during slightest one source says there’s no doubt that things got physical.

4From Kim Jong Il With Love


Few people have a happening to forsake from North Korea and live to tell a tale. But in 2001, 28-year-old Won Jeong Hwa managed a extraordinary when she stepped opposite a limit into South Korea. South Korea’s National Intelligence Service picked her adult immediately and paraded her around a nation to give speeches during anti-communist rallies. She was an present celebrity, a token of tellurian delight over a dangers sneaking opposite a DMZ. But Won Jeong Hwa’s risk was distant from over. In fact, she’d stepped loyal into a fire.

While her debate train rattled from city to city, Won Jeong Hwa took a time to get to know a South Korean officers roving with her. They were happy to speak and even happier to let her into their bedrooms during night. For 7 years, Won picked a smarts and discriminating a coronet egos of a military’s who’s-who for Kim Jong Il’s North Korean comprehension agency.

She was finally suspended and condemned to 5 years in jail in 2008. One of a officers whom she had slept with for information was also arrested. Throughout her trial, North Korea resolutely denied that Won Jeong Hwa was one of their agents. In loyal tactful fashion, they went a step serve and called her “human scum.”

3The Romeo King Of East Germany

romeo spy

He was blond, blue-eyed, and a physicist. Gabriele Kliem had antiquated a male usually like him once. She’d desired that man. Having a second shot during that adore was roughly too good to be true. And of course, it was. Frank Dietzel already knew all about Gabriele weeks before he approached her outward a still Bonn sanatorium while she waited for a ill friend. He hated Russia. She hated Russia. She wanted universe peace. He wanted universe peace. It was a compare done in a guts of heaven. He’d even been selected for Gabriele privately since of his looks—the ideal shade of a past love.

But in reality, Frank Dietzel was a Stasi agent, an chosen master of betrayal employed by East Germany. A “romeo,” as they were called. Dietzel had been reserved to Gabriele Kliem since she worked during a American embassy. But distinct many honeypot operations of a Cold War, that typically lasted a night before damning photos were presented, a romeos played for keeps. By cultivating their relations with a women in East Germany over a march of years, they were granted with a solid upsurge of information.

Frank Dietzel and Gabriele Kliem got intent 3 months after they met, and nonetheless they never married (Dietzel already had a mother behind opposite a Berlin Wall), they remained intent for 7 years. Duped by Dietzel’s cover story that he worked for a investigate association that sought to move assent to a region, Gabriele granted him with any embassy papers he asked for. And all a while, he told her that he desired her.

In 1984, Gabriele had finally had adequate of her seven-year engagement. Of late, she’d usually seen Frank a day or dual out of any month. She had no approach of meaningful it, though he was expected operative mixed assignments a whole time. Plus, he had a family during home and, well, things could get bustling for a Stasi agent. Gabriele pennyless it off, though it wasn’t until 1991 that she detected who Frank Dietzel unequivocally was. That was when she was arrested herself for espionage.

The fulfilment was an huge blow to Gabriele, though maybe a misfortune partial was that her amatory fiance, whom she’d spent many of a decade formulation a life with, had perceived an endowment for a pursuit he did with her.

That hurts.

2The Woman Who Could Have Loved Hitler


Martha Dodd was a daughter of an American envoy and spied on a Nazis for Stalin. To contend that her conditions was difficult doesn’t utterly do it justice. The usually thing, in fact, that remained consistent was a sex. And there was copiousness of that.

In 1933, when Martha was 25 and operative as an partner literary editor during a Chicago Tribune, her father was reserved to Berlin as a US ambassador. Martha went along for a ride, and it wasn’t prolonged before she was a solid participation in a Nazi nightlife. In this pre-war period, a Nazis preoccupied her. Martha climbed Berlin’s amicable ladder with a free beauty of a trapeze artist, interlude usually to douse any stage with another passionate escapade with a Reich’s excellent officers. Notably, Martha Dodd once common a bed with Rudolf Diels, a personality of a Gestapo. And had things left a small differently, she could have consorted with a Fuhrer himself.

Martha was sleeping with Hitler’s help during a time, a male named Ernst Hanfstaengl, and Ernst insisted that Adolf Hitler indispensable an American lady usually like Martha. The right woman, he said, could change a whole destiny of Europe. Ernst organised a assembly between a two, and Martha spent an dusk celebration during Hitler’s side. She after pronounced that he was “rather lifeless and self-conscious” and that a confront signaled a commencement of a finish of her Nazi sympathies.

Tired of a booze-mongering Nazis and their increasingly heartless actions, Martha again found herself though an ideal to tumble behind on. That is, until a possibility outing to a Soviet Union. She began a attribute with a Russian diplomat named Boris Vinogradov who was stationed in Germany, and she shortly found herself conduct over heels for communism. Under Boris’s guidance, Martha motionless to spin a spy.

Her life was already ideally cultivated for espionage. She was her father’s personal partner during a US embassy, and her amicable contacts within a Nazi hierarchy afforded her plenty opportunities to get down and unwashed for supervision secrets. She had entrance to a pot of bullion during both ends of a rainbow, and all got upheld to a KGB. Even Stalin knew who Martha Dodd was. For a subsequent dual years, Martha served as one of a Soviets’ tip agents in Berlin, with nobody a wiser. Even after returning to a US in 1937, Martha continued requesting assignments, nonetheless her utility was fast lost. New York City in a late ’30s was decidedly brief on Nazis she could canoodle for intel.

Although Martha confirmed her pro-communist position in a years to follow, she solemnly mislaid hold with a KGB, and by a ’50s, her code of un-American activities had spin increasingly unpopular. She fled to Mexico with her family, afterwards spent a rest of her life nation-hopping to equivocate extradition. She died in 1990.

1The Bumbling Spy


He stole candy bars from a internal 7-Eleven. He skipped out on work to review comic books. Sometimes, he couldn’t find his gun. He peddled Tupperware from a box of his FBI car. There’s no denying it—Richard Miller was “more or less, a bad FBI agent.”

And it was accurately that form of bad FBI representative that Svetlana Ogorodnikov was looking for in 1984 when she called a Los Angeles FBI bureau and told Miller, “I know you. You don’t know me, though we wish to accommodate you.” Miller was a ideal target: broke, unhappily married, and unfortunate with work. They met a initial time in May 1984 during a circuitously grill and went on a sex bender for a subsequent few months. For Richard Miller, it was a dream come true, and soon, they began to speak about trade information. For $50,000 in bullion and $15,000 cash, Richard Miller said, he would sing for her.

After Miller’s detain in October, FBI agents detected a “hoard” of papers that Miller claimed he had smuggled out of a bureau to fuel his negotiations with Svetlana’s superiors. Exactly how many personal information he gave out is uncertain, though he didn’t seem to have given adult some-more than one or dual documents, that he never got paid for. Svetlana also bought him a raincoat on a outing they took to Vienna, though Miller never indeed got that, either. It was a bizarre arrangement, though even stranger, nobody’s even certain if Svetlana Ogorodnikov was unequivocally a Soviet spy. Her possess counsel allegedly pronounced that Svetlana and her father were always concerned in “some kind of scam.”

As for Miller, he claimed in justice that he’d immediately seen Svetlana for a view she was and was perplexing to use her as a springboard to penetrate a KGB on his own. It was to be his final good grant to a Bureau. Why? Miller’s counsel simply pronounced that Miller was “not unequivocally bright.” In a end, it sounds like both Miller and Svetlana were both, any different to a other, personification during spies and incidentally combined a genuine view liaison in a process. It competence as good be a Coen brothers movie.

Nikola Tesla contingency die.



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