10 Paranormal Legends Connected To The US Civil War

The US Civil War had a satisfactory share of paranormal events that continue to this day. From cryptids and UFOs to reincarnations and auspicious dreams, here are 10 of a many engaging paranormal events connected with that terrible war.

10 John B. Gordon Reincarnation


In 1991, glow arch Jeffrey Keene motionless to revisit Civil War dispute locations. When he visited a margin where a Battle of Antietam had been fought, Keene was overcome with tension and could not mountain anymore. After returning home, he contacted a penetrating to assistance him know a experience. During a reading, a penetrating kept repeating a difference “not yet.”

Soon afterward, Keene was reading a chronological repository about a quarrel when that word jumped out during him. According to a magazine, General John B. Gordon had steady that word to reason behind his infantry during a Battle of Antietam.

Keene began to sincerely examine a life of a Civil War ubiquitous and detected abnormal resemblances between Gordon and himself. Both group looked similar. Also, many of a group underneath Gordon’s authority looked usually like firefighters with whom Keene worked.

On Keene’s 30th birthday, he had felt a pointy pain in his jaw that went away. Doctors could find no reason for this pain. Similarly, Gordon had taken a bullet in a jaw when he was usually 30 years old. Keene also has 3 markings on his face that conform to where Gordon suffered his wounds.

The weirdest tie came when a linguist compared a dual men’s essay styles. Keene’s firefighting reports were remarkably identical to a essay impression of General Gordon, who had collected his memories of a Civil War in a book. Both reports seemed to come from a same man, distant usually by time. Keene resolutely believes that he is a reincarnation of a aged Civil War general.

9 General McClellan’s George Washington Sighting


The Civil War was going feeble for a North during a initial few years of a war. General George B. McClellan, one of a Union’s categorical generals, was struggling to mountain successful operations opposite Confederate forces. That’s when McClellan reported a bizarre occurrence in that he saw a prophesy of George Washington in early 1862.

Late one night, McClellan was study maps and formulation attacks when he gradually satisfied that a rivalry knew his positions too good and could quarrel off any offensive. As he sunk into despair, he listened a sepulchral voice by his cabin.

The voice told him that usually God was assisting a Union to repel Confederate attacks and that a South would have won otherwise. Looking adult from his maps, McClellan found himself staring during a wispy spook of George Washington.

Washington reassured McClellan that a means was not nonetheless mislaid and that a US would overcome for many centuries. After his speech, Washington lifted his palm above McClellan’s conduct in blessing and rumble rolled via a cabin.

When McClellan awoke, he was fibbing on a table. At first, he suspicion that it had been a dream. But when he looked during his maps, he could see markings that showed him how to dispute a Confederate positions. He did not remember creation those markings himself.

Obviously, this story helped to indurate a thought that a North perceived boundless assistance during a war. But a story was usually done open after a quarrel ended. It is unfit to establish either this indeed happened to McClellan, yet it is a fun story of paranormal events.

8 White River Monster


The White River was one of a many vicious trade routes in Arkansas during a Civil War. As such, it was a site of consistent combat. Oddly, fight on a stream might have concerned a puzzling cryptid called a White River Monster as well. Although not strictly sighted until a 20th century, internal fable and paranormal investigators have placed a savage in a Civil War.

According to internal legend, a White River Monster is a gray-skinned, reptilian quadruped that infrequently walks on land, withdrawal particular three-toed footprints. Multiple attempts to constraint a savage have proven unsuccessful.

Reports of fallen ships during a Civil War have led some believers to assume that a savage was active during a conflict. Sailors told stories of boats being crushed from underneath by an assertive creature.

Other reports state that soldiers on a stream seaside infrequently shot during a large, elephant-like quadruped in a water. But they were never means to kill a beast, that resulted in mixed boats descending plant to a puzzling cryptid.

7 Beauregard-Keyes House


If we trust in a supernatural, a Beauregard-Keyes House is one of a best places to go if we wish to declare a genuine Civil War battle. This New Orleans estate belonged to General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, a heading ubiquitous of a Confederate forces.

Beauregard was in authority of a shelling during Fort Sumter, that started a war, and was instrumental in a early victories of a Confederacy. After a war, he late to his New Orleans chateau and died there in 1893.

A decade later, a residence was assigned by a Giaconas, an Italian family who had host connections. One night in 1909, a host sharpened occurred during a house, murdering 3 of a Giacona family members.

They shortly changed out and motionless to modify a residence into a macaroni factory. Residents fought opposite a change, eventually saving a residence as a birthright site. Then a hauntings started.

Around World War II, people began saying peculiar occurrences in a house, such as visions of Civil War soldiers. Legend states that General Beauregard appears on certain nights with an whole fortuitous of soldiers.

The many common abnormal occurrence is conference gunshots and dispute sounds from a yard. In 1993, paranormal questioner Victor Klein wrote his outline of a surprising activity during a house:

Men with deformed limbs and blown-away faces whirl in a confused dance of death. [ . . . ] Horses and mules seem and are slaughtered by grapeshot and cannon. The sharp smell of blood and spoil permeated a nervous atmosphere.

If true, General Beauregard and his infantry are still fighting a quarrel in a subsequent life.

6 The Legend Of Old Green Eyes


The story of Old Green Eyes, a cryptid or spook from a Battle of Chickamauga in Tennessee, is indeed dual separate legends that bear a same name.

The initial story is about a Civil War infantryman whose conduct was blown off during a battle. His friends buried his physique yet a head. According to legend, a spook of this infantryman still roams a battlefield, groan and looking for his head. People have wrecked their cars after being repelled by intense immature eyes on a roads circuitously a battlefield.

The second, comparison story involves a puzzling cryptid called Old Green Eyes that was allegedly initial sighted during a Civil War. Legend states that soldiers saw a savage during a Battle of Chickamauga. According to renouned folklore, it was a brief quadruped that had intense eyes and a extending jaw with outrageous fangs. Old Green Eyes had prolonged hair like a woman, yet a hair was skinny and straw-colored.

Soldiers contend that they speckled a quadruped walking among a passed bodies after a battle. Sightings of a quadruped continued into a 20th century with Chickamauga park ranger Edward Tinney saying that he glimpsed a puzzling creature. According to Tinney, Old Green Eyes still stalks a deserted battlefield, always examination those who confirm to visit.

5 Bigfoot Sightings


While a Civil War was distracted in a US, there were mixed stories of encounters with Bigfoot, a country’s many renouned cryptid. One of a stories came from a Battle of Chickamauga, that vivid belligerent of Old Green Eyes.

Before a battle, Privates Ott Morton and Billy Chandler were sitting on a watchman line when they listened terrible shrieks from a woods. They went to examine and ran into a savage that was 3 meters (10 ft) high and smelled like rotting meat.

After using from a woods screaming, a dual privates told their autocratic officer about their experience. He went to examine a area, and to his surprise, there were footprints in a mud that were 55 centimeters (22 in) wide.

Bigfoot also seemed in Virginia. While guarding Harper’s Ferry one night, Private Moore listened shouts entrance from his barracks. The soldiers were yelling about a man-beast roaming around and were removing guns so that they could kill it.

As Moore listened, he could hear gunfire entrance from a river. The subsequent morning, his commander pronounced that he had seen a hairy savage that was 3 meters (10 ft) high a prior night.

Another Bigfoot sighting came from Virginia. A immature infantryman was ill and returned home from a front. Knowing that he would die soon, a infantryman requested that his family bury him in a plateau circuitously his home. These plateau had been a plcae of many Bigfoot sightings.

When a infantryman died, his family buried him according to his request. A few days after a burial, a soldier’s father went to revisit a grave and found that it had been dug up. His son’s physique lay nearby, ripped detached and nude to a bone. The father suspected that Bigfoot was a culprit.

4 Nicolas Cage: Civil War Vampire


Jack Mord is an antiques play who came opposite an engaging imitation while acid by aged documents. The photo, taken around a time of a Civil War, shows a male from Tennessee who looks shockingly like modern-day actor Nicolas Cage. The similarity is uncanny, that has led Mord to assume that Cage is indeed an undead vampire.

It is tough to tell how severely Mord takes this claim, yet he was austere about this swindling speculation in 2011. Mord claimed that Cage comes behind and reinvents himself each 75 years, constantly switching occupations. For proof, Mord forked out that Cage has looked scarcely a same given his 1987 strike Moonstruck.

At one point, Mord offering to sell a imitation for $1 million. To boost his credibility, he claimed that certain photography experts and historians had settled that his imitation was genuine and showed a Civil War restrained of war.

Since 2011, a imitation has disappeared. Mord’s articles have also been private from his website.

3 Jefferson Davis’s Ghost


Few people from a Civil War are as vicious as Jefferson Davis, a boss of a Confederate States of America. Davis died in 1889, yet his spook still walks a Earth according to some paranormal investigators.

Davis’s postwar estate, Beauvoir, is in Mississippi. His spook presumably still lives there, with sightings commencement in 1986.

During a Civil War reenactment during a estate, a photographer took a design of some girls in costume. When he grown a picture, he saw something odd. Two total stood in a windows, one in a white dress and one in a dim suit.

During a event, a organizers had sealed a house. Also, a lady in a white dress was during a patio turn of a house, definition that she was not a thoughtfulness of any of a reenactors.

As stories about a ghosts circulated, staffers during a estate eventually came brazen to contend that they had seen Jefferson Davis on mixed occasions. Unlike other paranormal prohibited spots, full-body apparitions start mostly adequate during Beauvoir that people have taken cinema of a president.

Other members of Davis’s family have also seemed as good as Confederate soldiers who travel a grounds. Ghost investigators are fans of a site, and Beauvoir has turn a renouned end for people meddlesome in a supernatural.

2 Joseph Smith’s Civil War Prophecy


Mormon soothsayer and owner Joseph Smith is a argumentative impression in history. During his life, he spent a lot of time essay down prophecies and ostensible revelations from God.

One of a many engaging is his 1832 anticipation that there would shortly be a quarrel over labour in a US and that a quarrel would start in South Carolina. He also settled that a South would ask for assistance from Great Britain. This anticipation is a canonized partial of Mormon scripture as Doctrine Covenants Section 87.

Even yet a Civil War did start in South Carolina, skeptics are vicious of Mormon claims. For one thing, anyone in a US in a mid-19th century with even a smallest domestic recognition could have guessed that a quarrel would start over slavery. Abolitionist movements were already springing adult during Joseph Smith’s time.

Detractors also indicate out that Great Britain was not concerned in a Civil War to any good border and that Smith’s anticipation that a Civil War would eventually engage all nations valid false.

Still, true Mormons state that these considerations are invalid. First, they indicate to how specific a anticipation is about South Carolina. They also state that a anticipation was indeed meant to embody all wars until a second entrance of Jesus Christ.

In 1842, Smith again available a Civil War prophecy. After his genocide in 1844, a church continued to learn and imitation this eerily specific prophecy.

1 Abraham Lincoln’s Vision Of His Assassination


Abraham Lincoln was a eremite man—one who put a lot of batch in a dreams that he had. Often, he talked about his dreams and forked out that God had frequently communicated with people in a Bible that way.

In a 1880s, Lincoln’s crony Ward Hill Lamon published an comment about a former president’s dreams. According to Lamon, Lincoln had a bizarre dream in 1865 in that he woke adult and began erratic by a White House. He could hear sobs entrance down a hallway.

As he entered a East Room, he saw a entertainment of soldiers and mourners good over a corpse. When Lincoln asked a infantryman who was dead, a male replied that it was a president, who had been murdered by an assassin.

This was not a usually foreboding of genocide that Lincoln presumably had. According to Lamon, a boss once saw himself in a counterpart and watched his face renovate to a resounding shade of white.

On a morning of his assassination, Lincoln told his cupboard that he had dreamed a prior night of sailing opposite a physique of H2O during good speed. Evidently, Lincoln had a identical dream before each branch indicate of a Civil War.


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