10 Missing Persons Cases With Incredibly Odd Endings

When a crony or relations mysteriously and ominously disappears, we instinctively perform worst-case scenarios while anticipating for a best. Occasionally, life gives us neither, instead opting for endings we would conjunction have dreaded nor desired.

In such instances, a law can leave us fervently wringing a hands in amazement given of a desired one’s confusing and infrequently annoying actions.

10 A Darkly Elegant Solution


“I’m going on a kind of a outing where we never come back,” wrote Dennis Rarick. It was 1976, and a rarely venerable mathematician and mechanism scientist had succumbed to depression. Nagging despondency had driven him to bid his father farewell in a pathetic message. Dennis ditched his car, wallet, personal documents, and clearly life itself.

In a 14 years that followed, Dennis’s friends and family grew assured that he was waltzing with a grave reaper, and justice papers were filed to simulate that fact. In reality, Rarick had strike a reset symbol on his whole existence. He adopted a name Leonard Cohn and subtracted 7 years from his tangible age.

Cohn, like his prior incarnation, was drawn to computing. He even warranted master’s and doctoral degrees in mechanism scholarship before settling down with a family and starting a business.

Cohn’s wife, Martha Weaver, knew him as a male with no family. She didn’t doubt his miss of a paper route due to his avowed standing as a troops breeze dodger. Martha lived in that done star for 10 years.

Then, out of a blue, Cohn came clean. It was Christmas, and he had assimilated his mom for dinner. Cohn had critical matters to discuss, namely that he had built his whole biography.

Cohn spent several weeks spilling his courage to Martha and introducing her to his life as Dennis Rarick. After flooring his mom with a trust that their matrimony was built on lies, he sent a minute to his father.

Contrary to what he had told his father 14 years earlier, Dennis was entrance back. Nothing in sold triggered his preference to come out of hiding. He usually felt it was time.

9 A Man Among Mushrooms


Carlos Sanchez Ortiz de Salazar boasted a horde of considerable skills and achievements. He was a doctor, a tyro of psychology, and a polyglot. He was also good respected. Those who knew Carlos regarded him as friendly and responsible. But when 1996 rolled around, something changed.

The prevalent speculation is that a artless doc from Seville, Spain, was pang from crippling basin and saw no chance yet to find solitude. Whatever a case, no one could find him. After 14 years yet any calls or correspondence, Carlos’s family no longer believed that he was alive. So he assimilated a unfortunate list of blank people reputed dead.

In 2015, a span of Italian fungus pickers brought renewed wish to Salazar’s family. While foraging for fungi in Tuscany, a twin happened on a disconcerting array of cosmetic bottles and H2O canisters. Like a route of bread crumbs, a spawn led them to a tent of a filthy-faced male with an plenty beard.

Wary of a rumpled camper in a woods, a fungus pickers over in a panic. Then they fetched a timberland ranger and took him to a bearded bauble they had detected earlier.

The male greeted his visitors amicably and explained that he was Dr. Carlos de Salazar. He had a ID to infer it. In an act of ultimate introversion, a onetime Spanish medicine had shunned multitude altogether. He dreaded tellurian hit and voiced his goal to immigrate now that his plcae was exposed.

But his dual discoverers photographed his marker papers before he faded into inlet again. Later, they common their photos and Carlos’s story with blank persons associations in Italy and Spain.

After 19 years of fatuous hoping, Carlos’s family couldn’t trust that someone had found their son alive. Overjoyed, they raced to Italy. As his 65-year-old mom explained, “It would be adequate to see him for usually half an hour. Then if it is his wish, we would not try to see him again.”

But they didn’t get a reunion they wanted. True to his word, Carlos had already deserted his Tuscan hideaway.

8 The Unexpected Haven


It’s most a combined order that teenagers will spasmodic close horns with their parents. So it’s no warn that things got sarcastic between 14-year-old Xiao Yun and her mom one day in 2005.

In a fit of fury, Yun stormed off. But rather than cooling off and creation a reckless reentrance, she stayed away. As days transitioned into weeks, months, and years, her worry-stricken family came to a grave conclusion: Their daughter was no more. In a gesticulate of resignation, her family private her from a home registry.

In 2015, all changed. Police in Hangzhou, China, came opposite a lady regulating a feign ID in an Internet cafe. Officers hauled her down to a patrol for interrogation. Initially, she misled authorities about her upbringing by claiming she grew adult with her grandparents. But she eventually burst and coughed adult a truth: She was Xiao Yun.

According to Yun, after she left home, she lived in and out of Internet cafes and bathhouses. To acquire cash, she taught people how to surpass during a video diversion CrossFire, tended a register during some of her unchanging haunts, and relied on a munificence of strangers. When she wasn’t earning money, she was honing her already remunerative CrossFire skills.

Yun’s family couldn’t wait to collect their daughter, yet she was cold to a idea. With a small coaxing, she resolved to lapse home with them. Now that Yun’s folks have her back, they have sworn never to quarrel with her again.

7 The Extended Stay


For years, Senior Sergeant Ed Lukin of Queensland, Australia, pondered a predestine of American traveller Kenneth Rodman. Rodman’s disloyal mom and immature daughter positively did a same. But a contribution of his box didn’t demeanour promising.

In 2010, Rodman journeyed to Australia and evidently met a gruesome demise. While staying with a crony in Mowbray, he allegedly set out alone to vessel to a circuitously village. When he unsuccessful to hold base, military were notified.

A fortnight’s value of acid usually incited adult Rodman’s capsized vessel floating in croc-infested waters. He was now strictly missing. From a looks of things, he had approaching turn crocodile chow.

Five years came and went. In a meantime, questioning officer Ed Lukin was reassigned to a post in a opposite city. Although he had hoped for Rodman’s protected return, Lukin had altered on to a new place and other dire matters.

Then an separate fibre of break-ins in Lukin’s new locality abruptly burst a Rodman box far-reaching open. Officers from his section were in office of a perp behind a span of break-ins when an unclear male on a bicycle rode by in a upheld of night. Police suspected that they’d speckled a law-breaker and sought to doubt him. But a male sped off.

Assisting officers from a dog patrol tracked down a puzzling man, and he quick confessed. But not to a break-ins. The particular was totally trusting in that respect. However, he was guilty of being Kenneth Rodman and grossly overstaying his traveller visa.

It seemed that Kenneth had pulled a quick one on his friends, family, and Australian authorities. He had combined a coming of apropos crocodile food so that he could censor out in Australia. What accurately he was evading went unexplained. But maybe it had something to do with a scarcely $50,000 of delinquent child support that he owed.

6 A Lapse In Memory


Winston Bright, a father and father of three, evaporated into skinny atmosphere one day in 1990. His raging mom mounted an ardent hunt with a assistance of a New York Police Department, yet her associate had upheld like a ghost. A decade later, Winston’s mom resolved that he contingency have died. But she was sorely mistaken.

According to Winston, as his mom intoxicated New York City with images of his face, he was aimlessly walking a streets of San Diego with no ID or memory of who he was.

Despite his self-described amnesia, Bright legally altered his name to Kwame Seku rather than try to learn his identity. As Seku, he achieved a GED and a training certificate to learn during San Diego open schools. He spent scarcely dual decades operative as an educator.

Conveniently, Bright’s memory came flooding behind once he late from training and wanted to collect his pension. He claimed that memories came trickling behind to him in dreams. Subsequent Internet sleuthing presumably denounced a life he had led before Kwame Seku existed.

Winston wanted to retrieve that life—and his pension. By this time, 20 years had passed. For 10 of those years, he was legally deceased, and a income he hoped to accept was disbursed to his mom and children.

Eager to get paid, Bright returned to New York and sued for his retirement benefits. He granted a DNA exam to endorse his temperament and peddled his weird story of absentmindedness and dream-induced recollections.

Medical professionals ceded that Bright’s avowed condition, famous as fugue amnesia, was wholly possible, nonetheless it was impossibly uncommon. But Winston’s family responded some-more skeptically.

Bright’s wife, Leslie, celebrated that he seemed unduly endangered with finances on his long-awaited return. One of his sons plainly deserted his father’s fantastical story. Perhaps a usually thing Winston forgot was his conscience.

5 An Untapped Passion


Police in dual states attempted and unsuccessful to locate Eric Myers. In 1991, a well-to-do genuine estate representative from Arizona trafficked to San Diego for a genuine estate convention yet didn’t make it home. Five years of impotent acid pennyless a solve of Eric’s mom and 5 children. They had him announced legally upheld and could usually consternation what vicious predestine had befallen him. Eleven years later, they got an answer.

In 2007, Myers’s friends and family started receiving unsettling emails, one of that asked directly if they wanted to know what had happened to their long-lost Eric. Myers afterwards reached out to his mom around a friend. Soon his whole amicable round schooled a extraordinary reason behind their 16 years of apparent bereavement.

Eric had wrestled with his passionate course given childhood. Giving in to his regressive upbringing, he hidden himself in a cocoon of uber-religiosity and married early. He deserted his determined marital turmoil and clung to a masquerade of a ideal family heading a intemperate lifestyle. Then Eric got robbed.

It happened during a genuine estate discussion that preceded his disappearance. The knowledge left him brooding and emotionally bruised. But rather than conduct home, he absconded to Mexico.

There, he fell for a male and wished to try his long-suppressed homosexuality. Myers and his partner adopted feign names and began operative peculiar jobs as they trafficked together yet a caring in a world.

In a meantime, his family in Arizona struggled to cope. His daughter Kirsten grappled with piece abuse problems for years. Eric’s wife, Anne, supposing critical superintendence and care, yet her children’s pain ran deep.

Sixteen years later, Eric motionless he wanted to see his family. In an talk with ABC News, he explained, “There was never any devise to come back, usually like there was never any devise to leave, and it usually happened.”

Apparently, Eric never deliberate how his function would impact anyone else. Otherwise, he competence have satisfied that his lamentation family would accept $800,000 in genocide advantages after he was reputed upheld and a word association would sue to get a income behind when he returned.

He also threw his family into romantic shake again—with some means to cope and others filled with newfound anguish. Myers, though, stood by his actions, certain that suppressing his loyal self was a fool’s errand.

4 The Unhappy Hitchhiker


In 2002, Brenda Heist of Lititz Borough, Pennsylvania, usually couldn’t locate a break. The automobile dealership bookkeeper was sophistry a unenviable trifecta of divorce proceedings, housing difficulties, and a ubiquitous rigors of rearing an eight-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son. Then one day, after dropping her kids off during school, Brenda went to a park and was clearly blotted out of existence.

Those who knew Brenda resolved that something sinister had happened. She wasn’t a form to embark on unpretentious adventures, and a awaiting of her abandoning her family seemed inconceivable to them. Police quick eyed then-husband Lee Heist as a chairman of seductiveness in a reputed crime. However, a successive review unsuccessful to produce damning evidence.

A cover of distrust followed Lee Heist for years. A array of family in his area forbade their children from personification with Heist’s for fear they would come in hit with a probable killer. He also grappled with financial woes that usually lessened in 2010 when Brenda was strictly announced upheld and her life word kicked in.

In 2013, Lee Heist and his daughter perceived word that Brenda had resurfaced in Florida. Eleven years earlier, a despondent Brenda Heist had been approached by 3 strangers while pathetic in a park. In a impulse of beast spontaneity, she resolved to skip city with them, embracing a life of contemptible hoboism. The party slept underneath bridges, raided dumpsters for food, and begged for income while hitchhiking to Florida.

In Florida, Brenda worked as a housekeeper, vessel cleaner, babysitter, and ubiquitous day laborer. Eventually, she altered in with one her clients and stayed with him for 7 years. She also distanced herself from her past, environment adult Facebook and online dating profiles underneath an alias. But her freewheeling reincarnation came with critical downsides.

Brenda racked adult several arrests for possessing drugs, regulating fake identification, and hidden a customer’s driver’s license. Eventually, she found herself on a streets again. Growing sap of her fibbing ways, she certified her loyal temperament to Florida authorities.

Brenda brimmed with remorse as she described a approach she had harm her father and children. Understandably, after 11 years of romantic hell, her jilted family wasn’t fervent to extend an olive branch.

3 The Index Card Confessions


Lydia Bacot MacDonald never approaching to turn an impoverished singular mother. The word association statistician from Hartford, Connecticut, had depressed in adore with a male named David Bigelow MacDonald while attending college part-time. They married in 1956.

The following year, Lydia gave birth to their daughter, Anne. Her husband, however, wasn’t around to declare it. On Apr 10, 1957—mere days after a profound Lydia left her job—David purportedly visited Boston to see about a car. He never returned.

The military were stumped. Three years upheld yet a sight from him. Then, out of a blue, he sent one of his friends a weird gift: a salmon packaged in ice.

Apparently, Lydia’s father was somewhere in Seattle, Washington, yet refused to exhibit his accurate whereabouts. He sent his distraught mom some income orders yet did zero to mend her cracked heart.

David’s meagre communications eventually ceased. Not even tragedy annoyed a reaction. When his father grew pestilent ill, David remained conspicuously absent. His daughter, Anne, died of breast cancer during 44, apparently never carrying met her father. Lydia also upheld away, never meaningful what had turn of her contingent ex-husband.

Fifty years went by before anyone detected what had turn of David. Then, in 2007, Seattle proprietor Heather Garrett done a jaw-dropping discovery. While sifting by a personal effects of a recently defunct family friend, Eric Nils Sonnegaard, she found a array of index cards. Scrawled opposite them was a tip autobiography of David MacDonald.

David had inexplicably motionless to desert his prior life and start anew as Eric Sonnegaard. Portraying himself as a male of scanty means and small schooling, he endeared himself to Heather’s grandmother, Gladys Vance. Coincidentally, Gladys had been deserted by her father usually as David left Lydia.

“Eric” filled a blank in Vance’s life, apropos her consistent messenger and doting on her grandchildren with kind affection. To acquire money, he swept sidewalks, recycled waste, and achieved tasks that didn’t need use of a amicable confidence number. By a time of his 2007 genocide from cancer, he had taken to hoarding damaged televisions.

Military papers and fingerprint comparisons reliable that Eric Sonnegaard was indeed David MacDonald. The explanation bewildered Heather and depressed her cheated grandmother. It also combined a passage of closure for MacDonald’s flourishing relatives. Some suspected that war-induced PTSD had spurred David’s unreasonable exit, yet no one will ever know for sure.

2 The Imperfect Murder


No one could righteously credit Christina Davison’s ex-husband, Craig, of being a saint. His washing list of misdeeds enclosed charges of aggravated attack with a lethal arms and mixed instances of family violence. But was Craig adequate of a fraud to kill his former spouse? In 2014, it rather looked that way.

In May of that year, about 3 months after Craig had been charged with assaulting Christina, she vanished. From a looks of things, she didn’t go willingly. Her bed gimlet blade cuts and traces of blood. Her purse was located on a alley in an wholly opposite city.

Attempts to hit a 43-year-old Whataburger waitress were futile. Friend Patti Rucker prisoner a mood of a impulse best: “I don’t trust we’ll find her alive.”

Thankfully, Patti was wrong. Nine months after Christina Davison was clearly plucked from existence, she incited adult in Lexington, Kentucky. She had taken a waitressing pursuit during a Red State BBQ and determined herself as a renouned commodity around a place. Her coworkers had been led to trust that she altered to Kentucky to shun an violent beloved in Arkansas.

Christina’s friendly setup came crashing down when she was held in a trade stop one night in 2015. She was wanted in Texas for drug possession, and attempts to determine her temperament suggested her blank chairman standing in a state. The hop was up, yet questions still remained.

Christina supposing no insights into her actions or because she had unsuccessful to hit her friends or family during her nine-month absence. Authorities speculated that she had hoped to equivocate jail or her former common-law spouse, Craig, by entertainment her possess demise. But they had no idea whose blood they had found on her bed.

1 An Unusual Resurrection


It’s not each day that a murder plant opens their doorway to you. But in Sep 2015, authorities in Dusseldorf, Germany, faced that scenario. While responding to reports of an unit burglary, they were greeted by a lady who called herself “Mrs. Schneider.”

When stirred to endorse her identity, however, she suggested herself as Petra Pazsitka. It was a extraordinary admission, to contend a least. The lady in doubt had allegedly been murdered 26 years earlier.

Petra’s box began in Jul 1984. Back then, she was study mechanism scholarship in Braunschweig and had recently finished her university thesis. On Jul 26, she reportedly had skeleton to revisit her family after saying a dentist. But Pazsitka didn’t strech her staid destination.

When she subsequently missed her brother’s birthday celebration, military were alerted. Law coercion suspected tainted play, and Petra’s design and outline were displayed on German crime uncover Aktenzeichen XY. The bid yielded no useful leads, however, and a box went cold.

Fears that Pazsitka had been murdered were apparently reliable in 1987 when a teen identified as Gunter K. confessed to slaying a Braunschweig student. In 1989, a box was closed.

In theory, Gunter had killed during slightest one other person—a immature student—near a mark where Petra had disappeared. But if he did explain a second victim, it wasn’t Pazsitka.

According to a supposed murder victim, she simply wanted to disjoin ties with her family and done herself invisible for 31 years. She discharged suggestions of abuse by her family yet declined to explain her specific gripes. She did open adult about hopping from city to city and somehow appropriation both work and housing yet regulating an ID, amicable confidence number, or bank account.

Officers were flummoxed by Petra’s ability to deposit by life as a phantom. Her family was even some-more astounded. Once a startle settled, they looked brazen to a weeping reunion. Petra, however, resolutely refused, preferring to leave their attribute upheld and buried.

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