10 Legends Of Ancient Megaliths And Stones From The British Isles

The station stones and portal tombs of Britain and Ireland are among some of a many puzzling reminders of a fact that people walked a isles thousands of years ago. They were astronomical calendars, funeral places, and sites of prolonged lost ancient rituals. More recently, they’ve given birth to misconceptions and legends that try to explain usually how they came to be—and what happens to those who disregard them.

10 Nine Stane Rig

The Nine Stane Rig (aka a Nine Stanes Stone Circle or a Ninestane Rig) is nestled among trees in a borderlands between Scotland and England. The antiquated stones are suspicion to have been erected as a calendar for internal farmers, revelation them when to plant their crops by measuring a transformation of a Moon opposite a circle. Later, it became a cairn, and that’s where a creepy partial comes in.

The round is usually a few miles divided from a now-abandoned Hermitage Castle. According to internal legend, a palace was once home to William de Soulis (or de Soules), a second ancient of a castle. The 13th-century duke was popularly famous as “Bad Lord Soulis” and spasmodic as “Terrible William.” With those nicknames, it’s no warn that a stories told about him embody his gusto for practicing black magic. It was a entertainment that necessitated a woe and murder of internal children, whom he kidnapped and killed in a dungeons of a castle.

At first, a locals could do small to stop him, as he was underneath a insurance of a suggestion informed named Robin Redcap. When de Soulis sole his essence to a Devil, he gained a insurance of Redcap and was betrothed that a usually thing that could ever kill him was a wire done of sand. He done no tip of that fact, so a townsfolk recruited a assistance of a sorceress of their own, Thomas of Ercildourne.

While a sorceress combined a sand-filled lead belt, a townsfolk shocked opposite their lord. They stormed a palace and dragged him to a circuitously Nine Stane Rig. A cauldron was watchful for him, and they firm him with a sorcery belt, rolled him adult in a piece of lead, and melted him down.

Both Hermitage Castle and a Nine Stanes Stone Circle are presumably still condemned by a suggestion of Bad Lord Soulis, and people have claimed to still hear a screams of a children he murdered for his black rites and rituals.

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