10 Heroic Teens Who Fought Back Against Criminals

Children are a many exposed members of society. According to a National Institute of Justice, teenagers are some-more expected to be victimized than their adult counterparts. Due to their guileless inlet and typically diseased strength, they are seen as easy chase by criminals. But some children are utterly means of fighting back, fortifying themselves and those around them, infrequently with deadly consequences for a perpetrator.

10 Alex Leek

In Jan 2014, 14-year-old Alex Leek from Independence, Missouri, returned home from propagandize to find a foreigner in a house. The man, after identified as 24-year-old David R. Smith, was rummaging by a family’s electronics. Seeing a teenager, a criminal fled a scene, holding Leek’s dungeon phone and approximately $1,000 value of sell with him. Unable to call a military though his phone, Alex motionless to follow a suspect.

Alex remained behind a perpetrator and attempted to stay dark as best he could. As he followed Smith down a street, he attempted to get assistance from passersby, revelation them that a male had attacked his house, though no one would assistance a immature boy. Alex followed Smith to a library and once inside, flagged down a confidence ensure and told him what had happened. The ensure approached Smith, who stopped and forsaken a few of a stolen items. Smith told a ensure that it was indeed Alex who had attacked him while he was during home personification video games. Smith afterwards fled a stage though was apprehended by military a few blocks away.

Smith was charged with second-degree thievery and theft. All of Alex’s family’s stolen equipment were returned. Alex told reporters that he wasn’t certain what had gotten into him that day to make him follow a burglar, though he was happy that he was means to forestall him from victimizing others.

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