10 Haunting Facts About Chicago’s Cannibalistic ‘Ripper Crew’

Between 1981 and 1982, a city of Chicago and a surrounding suburbs were terrorized by a eerie cult led by ringleader Robin Gecht. The cult wanted women in sequence to rape, torture, murder, and—ultimately—cannibalize them. The city was in panic, and a military dialect had no leads to go on.

There are copiousness of unfortunate and vivid contribution that have been overshadowed in crime story though have not left a minds of those who lived by it. Ladies and gentlemen, accommodate a “Ripper Crew.”

10Random Abductions

No, this can't be happening!!

Contrary to renouned belief, a Ripper Crew did not only aim prostitutes. In fact, any lady in a Chicago area between 1981 and 1982 was vulnerable. Time of day and plcae did not seem to matter, either, for many of their victims were abducted in extended illumination and in obvious open places.

Case in point: Lorraine Borowski was abducted on a morning of May 15, 1982, outward a genuine estate bureau where she worked. Linda Sutton was abducted during a daytime as she walked nearby Wrigley Field, one of Chicago’s many obvious and busy traveller destinations.

The stories continued, from a 35-year-old cocktail waitress whose automobile ran out of gas on a turnpike to a 30-year-old newcomer who—after an justification with her brother—got out of his automobile to wait another float home. Throughout a months, a victims’ exposed and routine bodies were found strewn via Chicago and a surrounding suburbs—raped, tortured, and mutilated.

9The John Wayne Gacy Connection


As if a story of a Ripper Crew wasn’t weird and disfigured enough, ringleader Robin Gecht once worked as a construction subcontractor for a barbarous sequence torpedo John Wayne Gacy during a late 1970s. Gacy, who lived on Chicago’s West Side, was a reputable member of his village who would mostly proffer to perform kids during a children’s sanatorium dressed adult as his change ego, “Pogo a Clown.”

There has never been any justification joining Gecht to Gacy’s crimes, and maybe their ambience buds were a ultimate cause as to why. Gacy preyed on youth boys and immature men, for that he was convicted in 1978 and put to genocide in 1994. On a other hand, Gecht and his organisation wanted women of pointless ages.

Be that as it may, it’s tough to trust that dual organisation who had worked closely together could coincidentally share such immorality and loathing that would lead them to infinite crimes.

8Satanic Rituals


In a late hours of a night, Edward Spreitzer and a Kokoraleis brothers would accommodate with Gecht during his home following his wife’s depart for work. (Yes, Gecht was married with 3 children.) There, they would make their approach adult to a attic, or, as Gecht called it, “The Satanic Chapel.” The room was dim and illuminated by candlelight, with an tabernacle draped in red cloth and 6 red-and-black crosses embellished on a walls. It was within these 4 walls where a infancy of a victims were murdered in a ritualistic, eerie slaying suggestive of Gothic torture.

Satanism had been with Gecht given a early days of his childhood, when he initial grown an seductiveness in The Satanic Bible and Devil worshiping. Many of a victims’ lame breasts would mostly be eaten by a Ripper Crew as a ritualistic sacrament. The Satanic Bible, that Gecht shouted during a torture, has 9 eerie sacraments. Oddly enough, a seventh one is that male is “just another animal.”

7The Calling Card


As a lame corpses began to raise adult via a city, it became apparent to a military that they were trade with a sequence killer. For a many part, a victims’ breasts possibly had their boobs bitten off or a breast itself wholly removed.

Police kept this information from a public, desiring that it would be useful for destiny interrogations, that valid true. Kokoraleis after suggested to a military that a organisation used a piano handle to mislay a breasts and that Gecht would save a severed strength in a prize box, during one indicate collecting as many as 15 pieces.

Gecht once settled that all a organisation in his family—dating behind to his great-grandfather—had an mania with women’s breasts. He also remarkable that all a organisation had married women with vast breasts in sequence to perform their ill needs.

6Supernatural Powers

Scary immature eyes

It has been pronounced that those who extract in ritualistic killings do so due to a faith that they will be postulated abnormal powers. Whether or not Gecht common this belief, his accomplices positively did. Spreitzer and a Kokoraleis brothers had a clever faith that Gecht did in fact possess abnormal powers, that he used to control a organisation both mentally and physically.

The organisation believed that Gecht had a energy to pull people to him, creation them feel as if they were in a coma they could not get out of. Once underneath a “spell” of Gecht’s “powers,” a organisation claimed he could get them to do whatever he desired, be that murder or cannibalism. They claimed there was no choice though to follow Gecht’s lead, desiring if they had not, they too would tumble plant to his sadistic ways.

One can't assistance though notice similarities with a Manson family: a cult-like organisation committing horrible acts of assault and murder, all underneath a beam of a fake messiah. Perhaps a genuine doubt is: Who’s crazier—the “prophet” or his followers?

5The One That Got Away

Railway tracks

The predestine of a Ripper Crew would eventually be hermetic by a one lady who got away: Beverly Washington. Like all a other women, her abduction was followed by rape and torture. She was stabbed mixed times, with serious slashes to her right breast and a finish dismissal of a left. Believing that Washington was dead, a organisation dumped her exposed physique by a tyrannise tracks.

To everyone’s surprise, Washington miraculously survived a horrific ordeal, notwithstanding losing a large volume of blood. Clinging on to life, Washington was means to yield detectives with specific sum regarding to her enemy and a automobile used in her abduction. Washington described a red outpost with coloured windows and feathers unresolved from a rearview mirror. She also gave a minute outline of Gecht himself. These sum led to a detain of Gecht and his accomplices. Following this, a horrific timeline of woe and murder began to unfold.


Car collision Crash

Karma works in puzzling ways. Although it’s not always pleasant, it tends to find a approach behind to those who have caused an imbalance in a universe, for improved or for worse. Unfortunately, in this case, innocents answered for Gecht’s horrible crimes.

Gecht’s mother, sister, and nephew were concerned in a automobile pile-up after visiting him during a Menard Correctional Center on a dusk of Wednesday, Nov 16, 1988. Their automobile was described as being “sandwiched” between dual semitrucks. The collision was reported to have occurred during a trade jam, that was caused by a repairs of energy lines that were down during a time.

The pile-up claimed a life of Gecht’s mother, 57-year-old Loretta, along with her grandson and Gecht’s nephew, three-year-old Nicholas Miller. The motorist of a automobile was Gecht’s sister, Rachelle. She remained on life support in a coma state for 4 months, until her genocide on Apr 10, 1989, during a age of 29.

3Like Father, Like Son


In Mar 1999, Robin Gecht’s son David, along with dual other men, were charged with first-degree murder in a sharpened genocide of a northwest Chicago resident, Roberto Cruz. The conflict seemed to be unprovoked, given that Cruz was walking to his automobile during a time of a shooting, unknowingly of his imminent doom.

The conflict was suggestive of a process his father used to waylay his victims—cowardly, unexpected, and from behind. Although military trust a conflict to be gang-related, we can't omit a probability that stupidity runs in a family.

Fortunately, David Gecht was 18 during a time of a murdering and was therefore means to mount hearing as an adult. In Mar 2000, David Gecht was found guilty of first-degree murder. He is now portion a 45-year jail tenure during a Pontiac Correctional Center in Pontiac, Illinois.



As if rape, torture, mutilation, and murder were not adequate to make one’s stomach turn, a Ripper Crew had their share of indulging in a strength of their victims. Spreitzer and a Kokoraleis brothers testified that after a women had been lame and murdered, their breasts were mostly taken to Gecht’s chateau (if a crime itself had not been committed there in a initial place). There, a organisation would make their approach into Gecht’s attic, where they would kneel beside a red-draped tabernacle and listen to Gecht review passages from The Satanic Bible.

During this time, any of a organisation members would masturbate into a severed breast. Following this, Gecht would cut a breast adult into tiny pieces and palm it to any member of a crew. The organisation would afterwards ensue to devour a strength as if it were a dedicated eremite sacrament.

1Gecht Was Never Convicted Of Murder

Themis 0199

Despite a watcher account, a testimony opposite Gecht was eventually found unfit in court. Gecht’s accomplices—the Kokoraleis brothers and Spreitzer—who sensitive detectives of Gecht’s purpose in a murders, refused to attest opposite him. Perhaps a organisation were still underneath devout control by their fake prophet. In a end, there was not adequate earthy justification opposite Gecht to assign him with murder. However, Gecht did confess to a heartless conflict on Beverly Washington and was eventually charged with attempted murder, rape, and battery, for that he was condemned to 120 years in Menard Correctional Center, where he stays today.

Because of Thomas Kokoraleis’s initial admission and his team-work with investigators, he was condemned to life imprisonment. His judgment was eventually commuted, and he is scheduled for recover on Sep 30, 2017. Edward Spreitzer was primarily condemned to death, though a judgment would after be commuted to life imprisonment. Andrew Kokoraleis was condemned to death. He was executed on Mar 17, 1999.

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