10 Final Paintings By Artists Who Committed Suicide

Many artists have upheld divided and left a final masterpiece tantalizingly unfinished. Even some-more interesting, despite in a somewhat dim fashion, are a final works of artists who took their possess lives. Some such works seem to spirit during a dim thoughts immoderate their creator, while others seem ironically relaxed and pacific in propinquity to a artist’s middle suffering.

10 Zebra And Parachute
Christopher Wood

Zebra and Parachute 1930 by Christopher Wood 1901-1930

Zebra And Parachute was one of dual paintings that Christopher Wood constructed in Paris in a summer of 1930, a other being Tiger And Arc De Triomphe. Both paintings etch a surreal picture of an outlandish animal opposite a backdrop of a manmade structure, nonetheless Zebra And Parachute is singular in that it adds a parachuting figure in a sky. It competence be darkly poignant that a parachutist is baggy and appears to be possibly passed or severely injured.

After withdrawal Paris for England in Aug 1930, Wood met his mom in Salisbury to uncover her his newest works, including Zebra And Parachute. Tragically, Wood was pang from a effects of drug withdrawal, that caused paranoia and a faith that he was being followed by a puzzling entity. In a hapless try to shun his illusory pursuer, Woods jumped in front of a sight that really same day. To equivocate upsetting his mother, a genocide mostly referred to as random by a contemporary press.

Nu Sur La Plage
John William Godward


Over a march of his 40-year career, John Godward frequency deviated from portrayal pleasing women in robes. This character done him famous and he was mostly praised for depicting a rippling transformation of exemplary wardrobe with implausible accuracy. But his paintings weren’t judgment vicious hits, with many dismissing his idealized and historically false portraits as “Victorians in togas.” His possess family despised his choice of career and disowned him after he changed to Italy in 1912, destroying all photographs that reminded them of his existence

In his aged age, Godward constructed fewer and fewer paintings as his health deteriorated. His final famous paintings are Contemplation and Nu Sur La Plage (“Nude On The Beach”), both of that were finished in a months before his death. Nu Sur La Plage is generally significant, given it outlines a flaw from Godward’s common character of exemplary scenes featuring excellent garments and marble surfaces. By then, Godward’s exemplary character was deliberate intensely unfashionable, though he apparently felt incompetent to change. In Dec 1922, he took his possess life, essay in his self-murder note that a universe was not vast adequate for him and Picasso.

8Le Concert
Nicolas De Stael


Nicolas de Stael was a inclusive French epitome artist, producing thousands of paintings and drawings over a march of a comparatively brief career. In a final 5 months of his life alone, he constructed 147 paintings, a final of that was many expected Blue Nude Lying, that was finished in 1955. In Mar of that year, he committed self-murder by jumping from a high building in Antibes, withdrawal his final work, Le Concert, unfinished. He was 41 years old.

Le Concert was de Stael’s largest and many desirous painting, measuring 6 meters (20 ft) by 3.5 meters (11.5 ft). It facilities a grand piano and a double drum on a building dirty with sheets of music, referencing a fact that these dual instruments are traditionally not private from a theatre after a unison is over. De Stael was desirous by a unison he had attended a night before, racing home and operative on a portrayal all a subsequent day, until a bad light done it unfit to continue. He afterwards burnt all his sketches and jumped to his death. Shortly before he died, he wrote, “I have not a strength to finish my paintings.”

7The Death Of James Dean
John Minton

Composition: The Death of James Dean 1957 by John Minton 1917-1957

The final work of painter and illustrator John Minton was still deficient when he committed self-murder in Jan 1957. The unprepared portrayal depicts a sincerely harmed male surrounded by distraught onlookers. On a day before Minton’s death, a painter Ruskin Spear visited him during his studio and was told that he identified a failing figure with Hollywood actor James Dean, who had died dual years formerly in a automobile collision during a age of usually 24.

Spear believed that James Dean represented a pang of a younger generation, that Minton strongly associated to. However, a loyal temperament of a failing figure is debatable. It has been suggested that a some-more approach impulse for a portrayal was a identical automobile collision that Minton witnessed in Barcelona and after came to brand with Dean. Minton’s self-murder was annoyed by his basin and a detriment of certainty after a arise of epitome art caused a recognition of his work to decline. Although a portrayal is clearly unfinished, there are indications that Minton didn’t intend to do any serve work on it, revelation a crony that he was disturbed about branch it “into another Johnny Minton painting.”

6Untitled (Black On Gray)
Mark Rothko


Mark Rothko’s repute as an epitome artist mostly rests on his famous paintings of industriously colored rectangles. These works were widely praised for their use of tone to incite romantic responses. But Rothko despised such regard and apparently wished to be taken some-more severely as an artist and not usually as a colorist. He insisted that he usually cared about depicting tension and was “not meddlesome in a attribute of tone or form or anything else.”

Toward a finish of his life, his paintings became some-more tasteless and desolate, many expected in an try to plea his open reputation. His final array of works were “the Black Paintings,” many of that consisted of a black and grey board with a plane order and a skinny white border. By Rothko’s possess admission, a paintings are about death. Shortly after separating from his wife, and pang from serious depression, Rothko committed self-murder by rupturing his wrists in his New York studio in 1970.

5Une Famille Dans La Desolation
Constance Mayer


Although Constance Mayer killed herself while operative on Une Famille Dans La Desolation (“A Miserable Family“) it isn’t unfinished. It was finished by Pierre-Paul Prud’hon, Mayer’s partner in one of a many famous cursed affairs in art history.

Meeting in 1803, when Prud’hon was one of a many famous painters in France and Mayer was a rising immature artist, they shortly became tighten collaborators, to a prove where it’s pronounced to be formidable to tell where her work ends and his begins. Since Prud’hon elite blueprint to painting, he would mostly blueprint a pattern for a portrayal and Mayer would finish it in oils. Since Prud’hon was better-known (and a man) these were mostly sole as his work alone, with owners even replacing her name with his to get a improved price. Still, Mayer was successful in her possess right and confirmed a studio in a Sorbonne.

It would have been a ideal match, though Prud’hon already had a miserable family of his own. He and his mom indeed had 6 children, nonetheless a matrimony was so hapless that she had a relapse and eventually died in a mental hospital. In one chronicle of a story, Prud’hon’s betrothed his mom on her deathbed that he would never remarry, harmful Constance. Others advise that a supervision requisitioning her Sorbonne studio pushed her over a edge. Either way, on May 26, 1821, Mayer cut her possess throat with Prud’hon’s shred razor. Devastated, Prud’hon would pass divided dual years later, though not before completing their final collaboration, a mural of a lamentation family.

4Riding With Death
Jean-Michel Basquiat


Jean-Michel Basquiat began his artistic career while in his teenage years, as a graffiti artist in Manhattan, before transitioning to portrayal after in life. His work fast captivated widespread commend for a abyss and combination and Basquiat was shortly a toast of a art world. Unfortunately, a artist was also struggling with a heroin obsession and died of a “speedball” overdose (essentially a brew of heroin and cocaine) when he was usually 27.

Basquiat was inclusive and it isn’t transparent accurately that is his final finished painting. But one of a expected possibilities seems to be Riding with Death, that was finished in a months before his self-murder in 1988. The work facilities a fundamental quadruped being straddled by a tellurian figure. Although many of Basquiat’s late work has been criticized as idle and overly commercial, Riding With Death stays a organisation vicious favorite, with some critics joining it to a judgment of devout possession (“being ridden”) in Haitian voodoo. Other contenders for a pretension of Basquiat’s final portrayal are Eroica II, The Dingoes That Park Their Brains With Their Gum, and The Mechanics That Always Have A Gear Left Over.

3Nude Self-Portrait With Palette
Richard Gerstl


Richard Gerstl constructed arguably his best work while intent in a shameful tip event event with Mathilde, a mom of famous composer Arnold Schoenberg. During a affair, Gerstl embellished mixed nudes of both himself and Mathilde. After being detected together in “a compromising position,” a span fled from Mathilde’s father and continued their relationship. Unfortunately for Gerstl, Mathilde eventually left him and returned to Schoenberg “for a consequence of a children.”

Distraught by this, Gerstl would take his possess life in Nov 1908, during a proposal age of 25. To do a deed, he initial stabbed himself in a torso. When this failed, he hung himself in front of a counterpart in his new studio, surrounded by his paintings. His final famous portrayal was Nude Self-Portrait With Palette, finished in Sep 1908, that shows a delicate dark and skinny Gerstl on a clear blue background. The long, angled brushstrokes apparently prove that a portrayal was combined quickly, reflecting a artist’s vibrated state during a time.

Arshile Gorky


Arshile Gorky was an epitome expressionist painter who primarily worked regulating elementary shapes and colors to demonstrate meaning. In a years heading adult to his death, Gorky endured many hapless and comfortless events. In 1946, a glow pennyless out during his studio and many of his excellent paintings were burnt to ash. In a weeks following this, his health run-down and he was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after that, he detected that his mom Agnes had been intrigue on him with another artist. The integrate separated, and Agnes changed divided with their dual daughters.

In 1947, Gorky constructed countless paintings, including Agony, The Plough And The Song, and The Limit And The Beginning, any of that competence be pronounced to have been his final work. Agony is maybe a many interesting, given it can usually be accepted in propinquity to Gorky’s measureless pang shortly before his death. The blazing red colour, that Gorky occasionally used before to Agony, is many expected a anxiety to a glow that broken his studio. In 1948, Gorky’s comfortless run of bad fitness came to a harmful consummate when he pennyless his neck in a automobile accident, paralyzing his portrayal arm. Unable to work, he committed self-murder in his studio a month later.

1Daubigny’s Garden
Vincent Van Gogh


The meaningful and vivid Wheatfield With Crows is mostly incorrectly pronounced to be Vincent outpost Gogh’s final painting. Although it was positively one of his final paintings, erudite research of a artist’s letters indicates that Wheatfield With Crows was finished around dual weeks before his self-murder in Jul 1890. That means that outpost Gogh’s tangible final portrayal was substantially Daubigny’s Garden, one of 3 works depicting a vast garden of Charles-François Daubigny, a painter who outpost Gogh deeply admired. The halcyon garden stage is a pointy contrariety to a darker Wheatfield With Crows, charity no apparent spirit of outpost Gogh’s mental torment.

On a morning of Jul 27, 1890, outpost Gogh went outdoor to paint, apparently bringing a installed gun with him. He afterwards attempted self-murder by sharpened himself in a chest, nonetheless a bullet unsuccessful to kill him. He died dual days after in a participation of his brother, during a age of 37. Van Gogh never achieved any genuine success or celebrity before his black genocide and, as a result, his mom tragically likely of a vast volume of his work.

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