10 Famous Breakfast Cereals That Caused Absurd Controversies

Controversy caused by chalky integrity in a bowl? While it might sound silly, something as elementary as an bland breakfast choice can be a means of disputes. From lawsuits to renouned mascots entrance underneath fire, breakfast cereal of all things has been a means of debate over a years. So flow a bowl, taste up, and review on to see 10 controversies caused by breakfast cereal.

10Flutie Flakes

For those who aren’t vast competition fans, Flutie Flakes are expected not a cereal we have listened of. Flutie Flakes were combined in 1998 for a Buffalo Bills starting quarterback during a time, Doug Flutie. His success finished these frosted corn flakes sell well, and a apportionment of a boost went to a Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism in respect of his son.

However, debate brewed after a Miami Dolphins took down Flutie’s organisation in a 1998 playoff game. Then manager Jimmy Johnson took a box of Flutie Flakes and poured them on a floor, mouth-watering his organisation to stomp on them in celebration. Flutie was reduction than happy and pronounced that it was equal to them stomping on his son. The Dolphins stomping on a cereal finished to assistance those with autism was also not good perceived by a public. The manager was eventually forced to give an central apology, and a cereal has been controversy-free since.

9Froot Loops


What do a golf apparatus manufacturer and a cereal association have in common? Toucans as mascots!

Toucan Golf Inc. purebred a “Lady Golfbird” mascot in 1994 and expected didn’t pattern a cereal hulk to be knocking during a door. However, in 2003, Kellogg’s took to suing a company.

They eventually mislaid a suit. The decider decided, “TGI’s use of a word symbol ‘Toucan Gold’ does not emanate a odds of difficulty among consumers, predominantly given TGI’s use of a symbol is in an courtesy distant private from that of Kellogg. Also, TGI’s toucan logo, as a picturesque toucan design, does not emanate a odds of difficulty with Kellogg’s some-more cartoonish ‘Toucan Sam’ designs.”

Toucan Sam has other another opposition as good with a mascot for a Maya Archaeology Initiative. A counsel from Kellogg’s sent a minute to a tiny non-profit looking for a allotment so that a organisation has singular use of their logo. After many arguing, eventually a dual groups came together in 2011 to form a free partnership.

8Cheerios Commercials


One of a many famous and classical cereals of all time came underneath glow in 2013 after dual commercials for a cereal featured an interracial couple. The bizarre video contained so many disastrous comments on YouTube that a association infirm comments, and now a video has been finished private and is no longer accessible for viewing.

Many disagreed with a disastrous comments, however. Celebrities such as Alexandra Burk, Beschelle Lockhart, and many other took to Facebook in support, and a Cheerios association itself stood organisation in a choice to atmosphere it on TV. Camille Gibson, a Cheerios clamp boss of offered during a time, has this to contend : “Consumers have responded definitely to a new Cheerios ad. At Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families, and we applaud them all.”

7Frosted Mini Wheats


Eating Frosted Mini Wheats could boost a child’s courtesy camber by 18 percent, according to a clinical study? This was a explain finished in a commercial, for that Kellogg’s would have to compensate a four-million-dollar settlement.

The ads ran from 2008 to 2009 and were found out to be impossibly misleading, as discussed by Pulitzer Prize–winning publisher Micheal Moss in his book Salt Sugar Fat: How a Food Giants Hooked Us. “The truly conspicuous aspect of a campaign,” wrote Moss, “is that a association study, even if taken during face value, did not come tighten to ancillary a explain in a advertising. Half of a children who ate bowls of Frosted Minis showed no alleviation during all on a tests they perceived to magnitude their ability to remember, think, and reason, as compared with their ability before eating a cereal. Only one in 7 kids got a boost of 18 percent or more.”

These claims, along with a fact that 51 percent of relatives surveyed “were not usually certain that a explain about attentiveness was true, they believed that it was loyal usually for Frosted Mini-Wheats” led to a category movement lawsuit. While Kellogg’s denied it did anything wrong, they still concluded to a four-million-dollar settlement.

6Cap’n Crunch: A Real Captain?


This debate is rather stupid though got news coverage and was even lonesome by CNN.

In Jun 2013, a food blogger looked during a uniform of Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch (yes, that’s his full name) and beheld that it had usually 3 stripes on a sleeves, while a normal naval officer’s has four. The debate came to a conduct when Lt. Cmdr. Sarah Flaherty, a US Navy mouthpiece during a time, commented on a situation: “You are scold that Cap’n Crunch appears to be wearing a arrange of a US Navy commander. Oddly, a crew annals do not uncover a ‘Cap’n Crunch’ who now serves or has served in a Navy.”

With a 50th anniversary of Captain Crunch happening, it’s no warn a captain himself took to Twitter to repudiate these allegations. He claimed that by being a captain of a SS Guppy that he had a right to call himself a captain. Amid all a silliness, it was even deliberate that Captain Crunch could potentially be violating a Stolen Valor Act, though according to his central biography, he was innate on Crunch Island in a Sea of Milk, that expected is not underneath US jurisdiction.

5Spiderman, Mercury, And Cereal. Oh My!


About 17 million “Spidey-2 Signal” toys were shipped out in a 2004 Kellogg’s promotion. This doesn’t seem all too argumentative until it is also mentioned that these toys contained non-replaceable mercury batteries. With mercury not usually being unwholesome though also really tough to dispose of safely, this caused a stir among ecofriendly and endangered parents.

At a time, Kellogg’s was legally authorised to do this, though Governor George Pataki responded by signing a check into law banning mercury-added newness products in a state of New York. Though a toys themselves did accommodate all of a sovereign reserve standards during a time, Kellogg’s concluded to stop carrying mercury concerned with any of a toys after a Spider-Man promotion. “We are holding this movement to go over what is compulsory by law to residence an emanate critical to a consumers and a environment.” pronounced Celeste Clark, a orator for Kellogg’s, on a subject.

4Kashi Cereal Stuff


A systematic investigate and a tiny city grocery in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, influenced adult debate as good as food panic around another Kellogg’s brand, Kashi, in 2012. The self-touted all-natural cereal code was found to have GMOs in their cereals, that were farmed with pesticides. These were deemed by many of a open to not be “all natural” as claimed, heading toseveral lawsuits.

Kashi attempted to fast debunk some of those claims opposite them with a now-removed video. This finished adult backfiring when a come-back from The Cornucopia Institute was expelled display how Kashi was nonetheless again being really misleading. Eventually, Kashi was pressured into an beginning to be Non-GMO Certified by 2014 and to make all new dishes introduced to a Kashi code have during slightest 70 percent organic mixture starting in 2015.

3Elijah’s Manna


Cereal debate has left on as distant behind as a 1800s.

Seventh-Day Adventist Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his brother, Will Keith Kellogg, were perplexing to rise a food that went with their church-recommended vegetarian lifestyle to feed patients during their sanitarium. They would not go on to strictly marketplace corn flakes until 1906, that authorised a former patient, C.W. Post, to take his possess gash during a idea.

After C.W. Post finished formulating Grape Nuts, he motionless to try his possess take on corn flakes that he would call Elijah’s Manna. This began a vital controversy, with clergymen disapproval a product as sacrilege, and Britain even barred it from being alien into a country. Though Post attempted to urge his brand, he eventually gave in, and in 1908, a cereal went on to turn Post Toasties.

2Cereal Killer Cafe


A London cafeteria that usually serves breakfast cereal—it might sound strange, though it was a artistic devise of a twin Keery brothers and became really successful after opening, offered over 120 varieties of breakfast cereal for about $4.50 a bowl. While this seems a pacific enterprise, it sparked a vast criticism with people wearing pig masks, carrying illuminated torches, and essay a word “scum” on a windows of a store as business cowered in a store basement.

The criticism was opposite gentrification, a trend that increases skill values in areas and displaces lower-income families and poorer businesses. Gary Keery, one of a owners of a store, was confused by a altercation. “It is a bit weird,” he said. “I don’t see us as horrible people—but a lot of people seem to.” The cafeteria is still going clever today, and no other protests have occurred.

1Tony The Tiger Gets Sexually Harassed


Can a breakfast cereal mascot sue for passionate harassment?

Headlines over #TonyTigerGate swept a Internet and radio as several members of a bushy subculture began to send intimately pithy tweets toward Tony’s central Twitter account. Some went so distant as to ask for “dick pics.” The central Twitter comment blocked furries in mass numbers, and many took notice.

The central comment eventually commented on a situation, saying, “I’m all for display your stripes, feathers, etc. But let’s keep things gr-r-reat— family accessible if we could. Cubs could be watching.” Many furries also denounced a actions of those few village member who had finished a harassing, and there hasn’t been a problem for a cereal mascot since.

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