10 Disturbing Unsolved Cases Of Missing Heads


Robert Grimminck Feb 21, 2016

Decapitations are unsettling simply since they’re gruesome. Yet, notwithstanding a barbarous inlet of a act, there are copiousness of reasons since someone chooses to decapitate another person. It’s even some-more unfortunate when someone’s conduct is cut off and a conduct is never found.

10 Robert Hollis

On a afternoon of Jun 4, 2015, 75-year-old Robert Hollis’s son was checking in on him after neighbors grew endangered since they hadn’t seen a aged man, affectionately nicknamed “Mr. Bojangles,” in a few days.

When a son entered his partially blind father’s Inglewood, California, apartment, he done a hideous discovery: His father was passed and decapitated. Even some-more disturbing, a torpedo took Hollis’s conduct when he or she left a apartment. It has never been found.

Hollis’s family is uncertain who would have killed a aged male since he didn’t have any enemies. He was even friends with his ex-wife. His family also pronounced that valuables in a residence were untouched.

Police are still looking into a death. The mayor of Inglewood also organised a $50,000 prerogative for information per a murder. Despite this, no arrests have been made.

9 The Cheltenham Torso Mystery

On Feb 3, 1938, fishermen on a Severn River nearby Cheltenham, England, found a man’s torso tangled adult in their nets. When it was examined, officials pronounced that it seemed to be a torso of a well-fed, prime man. One arm had been private cleanly, though a other one had been hacked off with an axe.

The stream was dragged. The man’s legs and arms incited up, though no conduct or hands could be found. Without them, military weren’t means to brand a physique or establish a means of death.

Speculation arose that a physique belonged to 52-year-old Captain William Butt, who had lived in Cheltenham with his shabby mom and her live-in nurse, Irene Sullivan. Butt had left blank in Jan 1938.

The conjecture was that Irene Sullivan and her 28-year-old son, Brian, were arranging bootleg abortions. Brian, who worked as a dancer and a gigolo, was also carrying a passionate event with Butt. At some point, something went wrong with a relationship, and Butt threatened to arrangement a bootleg termination ring.

Two weeks after a torso was discovered, Brian committed self-murder by gassing himself inside his home. Under some flagstones on his property, military found Butt’s keys and his coat, that was lonesome in blood.

As a physique was never identified, a box stays unresolved.

8 Wallingford Body In A Box


On a morning of Aug 8, 1886, a male was walking his dog in a municipality of Wallingford, Connecticut, when he came opposite a box that was 75 centimeters (30 in) prolonged and 30 centimeters (12 in) wide. It looked like a box was full of shoes.

As a dog got closer, it became meddlesome in a box. But a male could smell an awful aroma emanating from it. The male went home, collected adult some neighbors, and they went behind to a box. They non-stop it and found that a box was lined with connect paper. Inside, there was also a man’s torso.

The medical investigator found no outlines on a chest that would prove how a male died, and there was not many decomposition. During a autopsy, it was detected that a man’s stomach was full of arsenic. So a medical investigator believed that a male had been poisoned. The ME also suspicion that a male had been about 30 years aged and had substantially weighed around 80 kilograms (175 lb).

After a murder, a townspeople found a bag during a bottom of a well. But when they returned a subsequent day to collect a bag, they couldn’t find it. The usually justification that it had ever been there was a square of tellurian scalp that was found subsequent to a well.

It was believed that a torpedo was stealing nearby a good and afterwards changed a bag after it was discovered. Later, in Sep 1886, a legs and arms were found nearby a physique wrapped in paper identical to a connect paper that had lined a box.

The military traced a box from a shoe association in Fall River, Massachusetts, to a wholesaler in Chicago. The wholesaler had kept a box in a backyard of his store until it was purchased by a immature male who presumably disappeared.

Any eyewitnesses presumably recanted their stories or refused to answer any questions. Eventually, all a leads went cold.

7 Russell And Shirley Dermond

Russell Dermond, 88, and his wife, Shirley, 87, lived in a waterfront gated village on Lake Oconee in Georgia. They had been married for 68 years.

On May 6, 2014, some friends went to a Dermonds’ house. Inside a garage, they found Russell’s headless body, though Shirley was missing. Ten days later, her physique was pulled from a lake by a span of fishermen. She had been killed by mixed blows to a head, presumably with a hammer.

Police pronounced that they had debate justification though no consider to whom they could compare it. They trust that a ground for a double murder of a integrate was many expected spoliation or extortion.

They also consider that a torpedo or killers arrived during a residence around a boat. This is how a killers would have avoided cameras during a gated community.

Police trust that during some point, a torpedo went into a yard where he was seen by eyewitnesses. But no outline was given, solely that it was a man.

6 The Norfolk Duchess


On Aug 27, 1974, nearby Swaffham in Norfolk, England, a male walking on a beach found a badly ebbing woman’s physique wrapped in a cosmetic piece that was firm with some rope.

When a military non-stop a cosmetic sheet, they found that a plant was headless, her hands and feet were bound, and she was wearing a pinkish 1969 Marks Spencer nightdress. The medical investigator pronounced that a lady was substantially between a ages of 23 and 35.

Besides a body, a military had a few singular clues to investigate. The cosmetic piece had a National Cash Register’s trademark printed on it, and it was one of usually 6 sheets made.

The handle was also unusual. It was done regulating 4 threads, though many handle is done from 3 or 5 threads. Yet, after a prolonged investigation, a piece and a handle didn’t lead anywhere.

In 2008, a physique was exhumed, and tests were performed. They schooled that a lady had substantially given birth, had dipsomaniac H2O in Scotland, and had eaten a lot of fish and crab. From reports, it is believed that she competence have been a prostitute, famous usually as The Duchess, who came from Denmark and worked a Great Yarmouth docks.

The Duchess left around a time that a physique was found. Police are anticipating that DNA will assistance them to brand a woman’s family in a nearby future.

5 St. Louis John Doe


In 1987, a hunter came opposite a headless and handless physique of a male in a wooded area nearby St. Louis, Missouri. Police trust that a male was between 35 and 45 years old. He was white and had 7 damaged ribs. He also had a injure on his abdomen, presumably from an aged gunshot wound that wasn’t treated professionally.

The male was dressed well. He was wearing a dim blue T-shirt from that year’s Rose Bowl. It announced a Michigan Wolverines as a champions. He was also wearing new, white Nike high-tops and Oscar de la Renta jeans. In his pockets, there was 82 cents and a token from a Kansas City International Airport.

There were also traces of ethanol and heroin in his system, heading to some conjecture that a headless male was concerned in a drug trade. It was also believed that he had died 4 or 5 days before to being found and afterwards his physique was dumped in a wooded area.

In Mar 2015, a physique was exhumed with a hopes that serve tests would assistance to brand a victim. If he was identified, that information has not been done open as of Feb 2016.

4 Julia Baez


On Oct 10, 1990, physique tools of a lady were found in dual shoal graves in an industrial park in Brockway, Wisconsin. The dismembered physique tools were wrapped in rubbish bags, though a conduct was nowhere to be found.

The recovered physique tools were buried, and a box went cold. The lady would sojourn a Jane Doe for 25 years until her physique was exhumed in 2015 and a DNA exam was performed.

When compared to a database for blank and misleading people, they detected that Jane Doe was unequivocally Julia Baez, a 36-year-old mom of 4 from Milwaukee. Her home was about a three-hour expostulate from a grave where her physique was found.

The final time anyone had seen Baez was in Jun 1990. Her family had spent years looking for her, and her children had given their DNA to a database, that is how investigators done a match.

Police wish that identifying a plant will give them new leads as to who is obliged for Baez’s genocide and dismemberment.

3 The Kharkiv Beheadings


On a night of Dec 15, 2012, military trust that during slightest dual people entered a home of Volodymyr Trofimov. He was a decider in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. Once inside a home, a intruders pounded a judge, his wife, Irina, his 30-year-old son, Sergei, and his son’s 29-year-old girlfriend, Marina Zoueva.

The judge, Irina, and Marina were all killed and afterwards beheaded with some form of prolonged blade. Sergei, on a other hand, was decapitated while he was still alive. Their heads were never found.

There are 3 categorical theories as to since a decider and his family were murdered. According to a initial theory, a conflict was symbolic.

In Ukraine, Dec 15—the day of a deaths—is famous as Judge’s Day, a day to applaud a country’s judges. Ukrainians were unfortunate with their probity complement during a time of a murders. So a decapitations could have been a mystic conflict opposite a probity system.

The second conjecture is that a murders could have been punish for any series of cases that Trofimov presided over during his 30 years as a judge.

The final conjecture is that a murders occurred as partial of a robbery. The decider was a world-renowned gourmet of coins and antiques. A series of antiques were stolen after a murder, though it is misleading if that was indeed a reason for a murders.

With so many theories and not adequate clues, a high-profile box has left cold.

2 Peter Levine

After propagandize on Feb 24, 1938, 12-year-old Peter Levine of New Rochelle, New York, was walking home with a friend. Along a way, Peter stopped off during a hardware store. After he left a store, he disappeared.

Peter was from a affluent family. His father was a high-end New York lawyer. The family perceived 3 release records perfectionist $60,000. Peter’s father attempted to follow a instructions on a notes, though a kidnapper(s) went silent.

The abduction done inhabitant headlines. It was done into film reels shown in film theaters, and it was talked about on inhabitant radio programs.

On May 29, 3 months after a kidnapping, Peter’s headless and lame remains cleared adult on a seaside of Glen Lake, not distant from where he had disappeared. His hands and feet were also missing.

The boy’s physique was firm in copper wire, and he was wearing a same garments that he had been wearing when he went missing. Stitched into his garments was his name, confirming that it was Peter.

The FBI investigated a abduction and murder, though no suspects were ever named.

1 St. Louis Jane Doe

On Feb 28, 1983, a automobile carrying dual organisation pennyless down nearby an deserted unit building in St. Louis, Missouri. The dual organisation ventured into a building looking for a siren to correct their car.

Instead of anticipating what they needed, a organisation came opposite a headless physique of an African-American girl. The medical investigator believed that a lady was 7–12 years old.

She had been strangled 3 to 5 days before her physique was found. After her death, she had also been decapitated with a long-bladed knife. Her hands were bound, though it wasn’t transparent if she had been intimately assaulted. Lastly, she died and was decapitated elsewhere, and afterwards her physique was dumped in a building.

The military checked all of a schools in a area to see if any children were missing, though everybody was accounted for. When no one claimed a body, she was buried as a Jane Doe. The box went cold, though it wasn’t forgotten.

In 2009, a military attempted to shovel a body. But a tomb had turn gone over a years, and a donated pen was placed on a wrong grave. So no one knew a tangible plcae of a body.

A organisation of volunteers finally found a grave, and a physique was exhumed in summer 2013. Through vegetable tests, it was dynamic where a lady had substantially spent many of her life since of a H2O she had drunk.

It is believed that she substantially lived in one of 10 states in a Southeast: Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina, or South Carolina.

The temperament of a girl, a locale of her head, and a chairman or persons concerned with her murder sojourn a mystery.

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