10 Disturbing Cases Of Neighbors From Hell

It’s mostly pronounced that good fences make good neighbors, yet unfortunately, this is not always a case. While many neighbors have a considerate relationship, others are not so lucky. They live subsequent to a neighbors from hell—people who are loud, horribly bothersome, and inconsiderate.

When such a neighbor ignores skill lines and respectful requests to tinge things down, events can fast expand from sparse plea to a comfortless stipulation of all-out war.

10 Helen Staudinger


In Fort McCoy, Florida, 92-year-old Helen Staudinger was a rubbish widow who became soft with 53-year-old Dwight Bettner. The dual met in 2010 when Bettner altered in subsequent door.

Shortly after relocating in, Bettner helped a comparison with her stove, pushing her to a circuitously city to collect adult a part. The dual stopped for a punch to eat on a approach back, and Staudinger charity to compensate for a meal. In return, Bettner kissed her on a cheek. Even yet Bettner guess of it as an innocent, accessible gesture, a lick meant some-more to Staudinger.

Soon after, Staudinger began dropping by Bettner’s home, mostly mouth-watering him out to cooking or charity to prepare for him. When she found out that he had a girlfriend, she became so barbarous that she attempted to suppress a woman.

In Mar 2011, things escalated serve when Staudinger was visiting Bettner. As she was leaving, he refused to lick her, that hurt Staudinger. After enchanting in a written altercation, Staudinger stormed off. She retrieved a gun from her home and returned to Bettner’s residence. Then she discharged several shots during his house.

Thankfully, Bettner was not harmed in a assault. Staudinger denies sharpened during Bettner since he refused to lick her. She says that she was indignant since he due her income for all a dinners that she had bought him.

Staudinger was arrested and charged with aggravated attack and sharpened into an assigned dwelling. She was also systematic not to have any hit with Bettner.

9 Phillip Rodger Bennett


Phillip Rodger Bennett, 58, of Bartow County, Georgia, had a story of violence. While in jail for intentional manslaughter, he pounded another invalid with a shovel, ripping off his nose.

In 2010, after his recover from prison, he altered subsequent doorway to Marty Corbitt. In a beginning, a dual got along. Corbitt even helped Bennett pierce in. But things started to go south when Bennett felt that Corbitt was not progressing his yard.

Bennett was prudent about his lawn, mowing it several times a week. He mostly became indignant with Corbitt since he did not reap his weed frequently, that resulted in a weed being longer than Bennett felt it should be. Bennett even charity to reap his neighbor’s grass, yet a offer was always refused. The dual organisation had several exhilarated arguments about a issue.

One afternoon in May 2013, Bennett motionless to confront his neighbor about a weed again. He arrived during Corbitt’s chateau and started kicking a door, revelation Corbitt that he had 5 seconds to get outside. Fearing for his and his three-year-old daughter’s safety, Corbitt called 911.

Bennett left yet returned seconds later, carrying dual gas cans. He crushed by a kitchen window and began pouring gasoline inside. Then he took out a lighter and set a home on fire.

Corbitt was means to squeeze his daughter and shun unharmed. Unfortunately, his home was gutted in a blaze. Bennett fled a stage yet was apprehended by marshals a following day.

Bennett was taken to a sanatorium and treated for browns to his hands and arms. Then he was charged with mixed felonies including arson, aggravated assault, and cruelty to children.

8 Irsie Henry


Most people would take comfort in a fact that a military officer lives on their street. Sadly, this was not a box for a residents of a area in Altadena, California. For years, they complained to a LAPD that one of their officers, Irsie Henry, was terrorizing a still neighborhood.

Henry altered into his home in Altadena in 2001. A few months later, he and neighbor John Hamilton began arguing about a blockade that was on a skill line. Henry wanted a blockade to be replaced, yet Hamilton would not agree.

Henry began to make his neighbor’s life a vital hell. He blew leaves on Hamilton’s property, spoken profanities and secular slurs during his mom and children, and even indicted his 13-year-old son of stealing. He also finished pornographic passionate gestures to Hamilton’s immature daughter.

In 2002, Henry sued Hamilton after a surveyor’s news valid that partial of a blockade was on his property. He was awarded a visualisation of $6,500. But this did not stop his power of terror. Henry continued to harass a Hamiltons, flinging his cigarette butts in their yard and even pelting eggs during their property. Soon a dual organisation were enchanting in tit-for-tat plea that escalated any time.

Each commissioned confidence cameras to record a other’s attacks. As a conditions worsened, any male also performed a confining sequence opposite a other. After countless complaints to a LAPD, Henry finally had to accommodate with Internal Affairs. In tumble 2006, after a extensive investigation, Henry was fired. He blamed his neighbors for being terminated, and things escalated further.

In 2007, after removing hold vandalizing a Hamiltons’ property, Henry was found guilty of dual depends of disregard of justice for violating a confining order. He was given a 10-day dangling sentence.

In 2008, his hearing for misconduct attack began. The assign stemmed from an occurrence in 2006 in that Henry used peppers mist on Hamilton during a earthy confrontation. The jury was not authorised to hear about Henry’s new 10-day dangling sentence.

Despite justification to a contrary, Henry’s counsel argued that Henry had sprayed Hamilton with aerosol deodorant, not peppers spray. The jury clear Henry of all charges. Henry sole his home and altered away.

7 Debra Kincy


On Oct 20, 2015, Florida proprietor Debra Kincy, 63, called 911 to news anticipating a routine physique of Charlotte Nicholas, her 64-year-old neighbor. Nicholas had been stabbed to genocide in her home, receiving about 70 wounds to her head, neck, and torso. The damaged blade was still embedded in her body.

Kincy told military that she had left to revisit her crony that day. As Nicholas always left her doorway unlocked, Kincy had usually walked in when she arrived. She found her crony in a kitchen, lonesome in blood.

However, guess shortly fell on Kincy. Police detected that she had left to a internal pawnshop that day to sell some of Nicholas’s rings. A credentials check suggested that Kincy had several aliases and a rapist record that spanned 45 years.

When military interviewed several of Nicholas’s friends, they pronounced that Nicholas had been frightened of Kincy. Nicholas had referred to Kincy as a crazy lady subsequent doorway who always worried her. According to one friend, Nicholas had told him that if anything ever happened to her, Kincy was responsible.

During a military interrogation, Kincy certified to carrying been in a earthy onslaught with a victim. However, she could not remember most as she had blacked out. She was arrested and charged with murder, outrageous indifference, fake ownership, and traffic in stolen property. As of early 2016, she was being hold though bond.

6 Melanie Smith


Melanie Smith, 43, of North Wales lived in a same unit building as 20-year-old Lee-Anna Shiers. Smith, who was an inconstant alcoholic, mostly confronted Shiers for withdrawal her baby hiker in their common entranceway. Smith also indicted Shiers of being shrill and withdrawal her cigarettes butts fibbing around.

Although she had no proof, Smith began to think that her boyfriend, Stephen Clarkson, was carrying an event with Shiers and another woman. Smith blamed a immature mom for her unwell attribute with Clarkson and even threatened to set glow to Shiers’s apartment. The altercations between a dual women became so antagonistic that a landlord served Smith with an eviction notice.

On Oct 19, 2012, Smith was during home celebration heavily. She could hear Shiers carrying sex with her boyfriend, 23-year-old Liam Timbrell. Smith became enraged. She went out to a entranceway and set glow to a baby stroller. The glow got out of control and fast spread.

Smith was means to shun yet Shiers and Timbrell were trapped in their apartment. Also in a unit was their 15-month-old son (Charlie), Shiers’s four-year-old nephew (Bailey), and her two-year-old niece (Skye).

Shiers, Bailey, and Skye perished in a fire. First responders were means to rescue Timbrell and Charlie from a blaze, yet they after died during a hospital.

Smith was arrested and charged with 5 depends of murder and one count of creation threats of arson. She was found guilty and condemned to a smallest of 30 years in prison.

5 John Kenney


In 1999, John Kenney purchased a home in Carmel Valley, California. When he sealed escrow, he sealed paperwork to acknowledge an easement on his property. This gave neighbors Mel and Elizabeth Grimes a right to expostulate on a tiny square of Kenney’s skill to get to their own.

The neighbors had a considerate attribute until 2002 when Kenney began promulgation bizarre emails to a Grimeses. Kenney indicted a integrate of transfer rubbish on his skill and promulgation their dogs over to poop in his yard. He also indicted them of banging on his windows late during night.

The Grimeses felt tormented by Kenney, who mostly photographed them. They also guess that he had tainted their dog and cats. Things escalated serve when Kenney blocked a easement on his property, preventing a Grimeses from accessing their carport.

In Nov 2005, a decider systematic a neighbors not to have hit with any other, nonetheless a grave confining sequence was not issued. Unfortunately, a justification continued.

In Jan 2007, Kenney motionless to retard a easement again. He systematic a vast stone to be delivered to his home. Then he had a confidence ensure and his counsel accommodate during his skill while he placed a stone on a land to that a Grimeses had authorised access.

Thinking there competence be trouble, a counsel called a policeman to ask for a assistance of a deputy. The emissary never arrived. Soon after, both a counsel and confidence ensure left.

When a Grimeses arrived home and could not spin into their carport, Mel grabbed a sledgehammer to try to mangle a boulder. Elizabeth called 911. They were confronted by Kenney, who shot and killed both of them.

Kenney told military that he had acted in self-defense since Mel Grimes had pounded him first. Kenney was convicted of first-degree murder in a genocide of Elizabeth and second-degree murder in a genocide of Mel. He was condemned to life in jail though a probability of parole. In 2012, Kenney’s ask for a new hearing was denied.

4 Angela Stoldt


James Sheaffer, 36, lived opposite a travel from 42-year-old Angela Stoldt in a still area in Florida. The dual had turn so tighten that they even common a corner banking account.

On Apr 3, 2013, Sheaffer was during Stoldt’s home deliberating their finances. Angela was dissapoint that he kept overdrawing supports from their account. She bound him a splash containing vodka and medication flesh relaxers to make him confused and sleepy.

Then she gathering him to a internal tomb where they continued to fight. Sheaffer threatened to kill Stoldt if she didn’t give him a $4,000 loan. During a argument, he lunged during Stoldt.

She retrieved an ice collect from her car and stabbed Sheaffer in a eye. Then Stoldt strangled him with a rope. Unsure what to do with his body, she brought him to her chateau and came adult with a plan. She cut his physique into pieces and began baking and hot a physique parts. When that did not work, she threw Sheaffer’s stays in a dumpster.

A few weeks after a murder, Stoldt told her sister what she had done. Her sister contacted a police. During questioning, Stoldt confessed to murdering Sheaffer yet confirmed that she had acted in self-defense.

She was convicted of first-degree murder, abuse of a tellurian body, and tampering with earthy evidence. She was condemned to life in jail though a probability of parole.

3 Billy Woodward


The Woodward family and a Hembree family lived on a same travel in a pacific area in Titusville, Florida. By all accounts, a families got along good and their children mostly played together.

That all altered in summer 2012 when a Woodwards indicted Gary Hembree’s daughter of hidden one of their daughter’s birthday presents. After a burglary accusation, a dual families began bickering, even job a military on any other for teenager infractions.

As a justification grew worse, other neighbors got concerned and took sides. Eventually, both parties sought confining orders. The decider denied their requests and sent everybody home. After their justice appearance, Billy Woodward pounded Gary Hembree in a parking lot. Woodward was arrested and expelled a brief time later.

On Labor Day weekend in 2012, Hembree and his roommate, Roger Picior, were hosting friends and neighbors during their home for a barbecue. During a party, a organisation motionless to have a tiny fun during a Woodwards’ expense. They shined a floodlight during a home, played shrill music, and began cheering taunts and insults.

Billy Woodward had had enough. He grabbed his gun and went after his neighbors. Woodward discharged 31 times, usually interlude to reload his weapon. When military arrived, Woodward said, “I got ’em all.” Hembree and Picior died in a shooting. Another neighbor, Tim Blake, was shot yet survived.

Woodward was arrested and charged with murder. He claimed self-defense and invoked Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. In 2015, a decider found that Woodward was not stable from charge by a law. As of early 2016, he was available trial.

2 Richard Uffelman


It’s not famous accurately what precipitated a justification between Richard Uffelman, 45, and his married neighbors Michael Phillips, 38, and Florence Phillips, 41. But residents of a tiny coastal city of Machiasport, Maine, news a conditions as a genuine Hatfield-McCoy feud.

Uffelman was described by many in a village as individualist and paranoid. Once hired as a community’s usually military officer, he was consummated from a position one week after after he shot a dog. Then Uffelman threatened to kill a male who had discharged him.

Uffelman also began job military to contend that his neighbors were badgering him. He indicted a Phillipses of hidden his mail, throwing bottles during his house, and sharpened during his pool when his kids were in it. The justification became so bad that a Phillipses commissioned confidence cameras.

In Aug 1989, a Phillipses left their home to go for a walk. As they upheld a Uffelman residence, Uffelman and his dual preteen sons non-stop glow from their vital room and shot a Phillipses.

As a Phillipses lay wounded, Uffelman walked adult to a integrate and shot them passed during point-blank range. The whole occurrence was prisoner on a Phillipses’ confidence camera.

Uffelman was arrested and charged with murder. When military searched his residence, they found 38 guns and several high-tech confidence systems. Uffelman had also commissioned outing handle on his lawn, kept German shepherds underneath his front porch, and mounted aircraft alighting lights on a corners of his house.

Uffelman was condemned to life in jail though a probability of parole. His sons were not charged for their roles in a murders.

1 Roland Younce


Roland Younce, 63, of Caldwell County, North Carolina, authorised his array longhorn to ramble giveaway in a tiny farming neighborhood. This preference would infer to have lethal consequences.

In Jan 2008, Younce’s array longhorn bit a dual immature daughters of his 44-year-old neighbor, Tony Moore. As a result, Moore sued Younce for a cost of a medical bills. The decider ruled in Younce’s preference and discharged a lawsuit.

This caused an 18-month justification between a dual men. They called a military on any other over whimsical actions and filed several lawsuits opposite any other.

In May 2009, a justification came to a thespian end when Moore found Younce’s dog on his porch and shot it. Then Moore called a sheriff’s bureau to news what had happened and went outward to wait for deputies to arrive. His dual immature daughters accompanied him.

They were met by Younce, who was armed with a gun. Moore, who was cramped to a wheelchair, screamed for his daughters to run as he also attempted to shun Younce. But Younce shot Moore in a back, hip, and shoulder. Eight-year-old Ashley was also shot in a back.

When deputies arrived, they were met by gunfire. They called for backup, and a SWAT group arrived to assist. A shoot-out occurred. Police were means to leave Moore and his children and take them to a hospital.

Two officers were also harmed during a shoot-out, and Younce was fatally shot. Moore, his daughter Ashley, and a dual officers recovered from their injuries.


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