10 Crazy Theories And Conspiracies Regarding Mars

Human beings have been preoccupied by Mars given antiquity. Now, we’re operative toward alighting on it. However, swindling theorists and border thinkers will tell we that we’ve already been to Mars, during a unequivocally least. These crazy-sounding yet engaging stories won’t go divided until we finally set feet on a red planet. In a meantime, here are 10 “out of this world” theories about a astronomical next-door neighbor.

10 Is Phobos Really A Space Station?


When a European Space Agency settled that one of Mars’s moons, Phobos, seemed to be hollow, it mirrored a commentary of Russian astrophysicist Dr. Iosif Shklovsky from a late 1960s. Not usually did Shklovsky trust that Phobos was hollow, yet holding a surprising and disproportionate circuit into account, he believed there was a genuine luck that it was artificial.

Over a years, many ufologists, visitor enthusiasts, and even ancient wanderer theorists have latched on to Shklovsky’s findings. One of a categorical theories to come out of this border organisation of thinkers is that Phobos was placed in circuit and is in fact an ancient space hire of sorts, presumably used as a jumping off indicate for space missions or as an early warning device for things like asteroids.

More mainstream meditative surmises that a “hollowness” could simply be H2O or other glass trapped within a Martian moon. Another luck is that when Phobos was shaped from churned immeasurable asteroid fragments, healthy voids were shaped within a structure. Phobos is some-more same to a floating raise of rocks, as against to a real-life, potato-shaped Death Star.

There have been countless attempts to send probes to Phobos, yet strangely, all have encountered several systems failures, that have eventually resulted in their missions not being completed. To some, this isn’t coincidence, and it not usually suggests that Phobos is some kind of orbiting synthetic structure, yet that it is still active.

9 The Sphinx And Pyramids Of Mars

Not usually does a bewilderment allegedly lay on a aspect of Mars, yet it sits right in front of what some contend are pyramids.

Although mainstream researchers and experts state that a pyramids are usually naturally shaped mountains, some believed that a accurate measurements and noticed measure of a structures creates them accurately that—structures! The luck that they are volcanoes is also rarely unlikely, as a usually famous volcanic segment of Mars is in a Tharsis Region, that is 3,200 kilometers (2,000 mi) divided from a pyramids’ plcae in Cydonia.

So, if there unequivocally are a bewilderment and pyramids on Mars, are they connected in any approach to a Sphinx in Egypt and a Giza pyramids? As we competence have guessed, some people unequivocally many trust so. They disagree that Cairo’s name in Arabic, al-Qahirah, directly translates to possibly “The Victorious,” or maybe some-more interestingly, “The Place of Mars.” It’s also claimed that a Sphinx during Giza was once embellished red. As a final square of “evidence,” it is remarkable that there appears to be increasing amounts of stone in a area in front of a purported pyramids. Are they merely healthy stones and boulders? Or are they maybe rubble from a collapsed buildings of an ancient civilization?

Some have even complicated aerial shots of Cydonia and trust that they’ve not usually speckled a third pyramid, yet that a 3 pyramids on Mars seem to compare a blueprint of a Pyramids of Giza. NASA states that given tools of a cinema are blurred, people knowledge pareidolia, saying tangible objects in what are indeed zero yet pointless patterns and shapes.

8 Project Redsun—The Secret Manned Mission To Mars

According to a story that initial seemed in 2011, there was a tip goal in a 1970s to set adult a bottom there.

Following Apollo 17, a final manned moon mission, NASA allegedly began to control tip space missions. One of them, Project Redsun, was pronounced to be a corner US and Soviet goal to eventually start a colonization of Mars. A initial organisation was pronounced to have arrived during a red universe in late 1971, in what was radically an information-gathering mission. The second goal was claimed to have launched in Aug 1973 aboard a ISV Columbus and to have featured dual US astronauts, Commander Elliot See and commander William Rutledge, and a Russian cosmonaut, Vladimir Ilyushin.

A purportedly leaked video seemed on YouTube, purported to be a NASA training video containing 16-milimeter film of Project Redsun. There is apparent discuss as to a authenticity; a immeasurable infancy of people trust it to be a hoax—albeit a unequivocally good hoax, to contend a least.

The story was reported on by Italian UFO researcher Luca Scantamburlo, and his whistle-blower seemed to be Rutledge, a commander of a 1973 Redsun mission. Rutledge also spoke of several other tip tip projects, including one that detected an visitor bottom on a moon. Rutledge settled per a information he had presumably leaked:

I’m a whistle-blower. What can NASA or a USAF do now? Blocking or suing me would be an acknowledgement. They can pronounce of hoax or fiction.

7 NASA Employee Witnesses Men Walking On Mars In 1979

In 2014, a woman, who identified herself usually as Jackie, called a radio uncover Coast To Coast AM. She claimed that group walked on Mars in 1979, and what’s more, she had witnessed it.

Jackie claimed that her pursuit was to download telemetry information and that she was partial of NASA’s “downstairs team.” While she was doing her job, she claimed to have witnessed group walking on Mars around NASA’s live feed. She settled they were both dressed in space suits, nonetheless they were not a “bulky” form that we would design to see. According to Jackie, they came walking over a setting and toward a Viking Explorer.

Jackie also claimed that 6 other NASA employees witnessed a occurrence with her. When they rushed upstairs to pronounce to a people directly in assign of a mission, they found that a doorway had been sealed and that paper had been taped over a doorway windows to retard their perspective of anything that competence be function in a room.

So far, zero of a other purported 6 employees have come brazen to uphold Jackie’s claims.

6 Gilbert Levin’s Suppressed Life On Mars Test

According to Gilbert Levin, he valid that there was life on Mars behind in 1976, and he has been perplexing to infer that he valid it ever since.

An examination called “Labeled Release” was achieved by a initial Viking corsair that landed on a red planet. Levin claims that regulating methods that were preapproved and supposed by NASA, his examination definitely identified organic life in dirt samples taken shortly after touchdown. However, since dual other experiments finished during a same time didn’t compare his certain result, Labeled Release was radically buried.

Although not directly endorsing Levin, Chris McKay, an worker of a NASA Ames Research Center, settled that a dual other tests that NASA carried could unequivocally good be flawed. He remarkable that a exam carried out in a Atacama Desert in Chile regulating accurately a same apparatus showed that there were no organic molecules present, even yet it’s famous that a dirt there does enclose organic life.

5 Panspermia—We Originally Came From Mars

Mars Meteorite

In 2013, dual opposite scientists seemed to “endorse” a argumentative speculation of panspermia—that life arrived on Earth (in this box from Mars) in molecular form within an asteroid, that eventually seeded a planet. Both Steve Benner, who is a heading origins-of-life chemist, and Christopher Adcock, aleading author on a subject, resolved that this was, to them, unequivocally likely.

The speculation itself dates behind to a fifth century BC, when Greek philosopher Anaxagoras done anxiety to it, despite on a many smaller scale, in his writings. The speculation has been upheld around over a centuries, and as a horizons have grown, so it would seem has a panspermia theory. When Asteroids found in 1984 and 1996 both seemed to uncover organic molecules, a speculation gained again in popularity.

Most scientists now determine that Mars was a vastly opposite universe billions of years ago. It would have had an atmosphere and oceans of glass water, and in all probability, it was unequivocally many means to support life. Only by promulgation manned missions to Mars will any decisive explanation possibly approach be within a reach.

4 Nuclear War On Mars?

In 2014, thrust scientist John Brandenburg settled that Mars had suffered from during smallest dual immeasurable chief explosions during a lifetime. Brandenburg sited a immeasurable volume of Xenon-129 in a atmosphere as good as extreme amounts of uranium and thorium in a dirt as explanation of his theory. What’s more, he doesn’t trust that these explosions occurred naturally, as many mainstream scientists would.

Three years progressing in 2011, Brandenburg settled that a regions of Cydonia and Utopia on Mars gimlet all a hallmarks of an modernized ancient humanoid civilization and that it was usually during these sites where there was justification of any kind of disaster happening. Although he creatively claimed that these chief disasters many expected occurred naturally, something about their plcae uneasy him.

By 2014, driven by a weird fluke that a usually dual places where he believed there to be justification of chief disaster were also a usually dual areas that showed even a smallest pointer of a past society, Brandenburg believed a explosions were not natural, yet rather designed and purposeful. He settled that he had justification that was “consistent with churned fusion-fission explosions” and that suggested that a chief explosve had been used. Going serve still, Brandenburg resolved that it’s some-more than reasonable to advise that a attacks were launched by an visitor race, either organic AI.

Needless to say, Brandenburg’s ideas are renouned with swindling theorists, yet he has no subsidy from any heading or mainstream scientists.

3 Stargate ‘Found’ On Mars

In Sep 2015, UFO researchers, while examining photographs of a Martian surface, came opposite what they believed to be a stargate, half-buried in a ground. The object’s intensely true lines apparently drew people’s courtesy to it. There also seemed to be a ruins of a roof that had been shop-worn prolonged ago. In a center of a straight-lined structure seemed to be a round opening.

Although these furious theories are in line with other theories of modernized ancient civilizations on Mars, in this sold case, there is positively no systematic justification whatsoever to behind adult a theory. Even if a intent was proven to be artificial, that would still be a outrageous discovery, there is zero to advise that it would be a portal of any kind. Although some ancient papers do pronounce of such things existent between a universe and Mars, these interpretations are many debated themselves.

NASA doesn’t seem to have anything to contend on this sold “sighting,” yet some swindling theorists advise that they’re unequivocally wakeful of a ancient technology, that is because they are unequivocally many in preference of removing to Mars progressing rather than later.

2 The Face And The Ancient Cydonian City


Perhaps a initial good poser of Mars in a complicated age was a purported “Face on Mars” that was initial seen by a universe in 1976, one of a many photographs taken during a Viking mission. When it was initial viewed, many people resolved that they could see a face staring behind during them from a Martian surface. Further studies have strictly settled that this was zero some-more than a pretence of light, and photographs of a same area in 1998 and 2001 seem to endorse this.

However, swindling theorists disagree that a follow adult cinema were intentionally taken from opposite angles so as to furnish a opposite view. They also contend a structure itself is distant too accurate to be natural.

Perhaps some-more controversially, they state that there are “obvious” stays of an ancient city in a closeness of a Face, including a aforementioned pyramids. They trust that a surprising volume of “structures” found here advise a stays of broken buildings from a multitude that contingency have existed thousands of years ago. They also note a clearly accurate and designed blueprint of a city.

Researchers contend that before a final stick change on Mars, both a city and a Face would have sat right on a Martian equator, something they trust was apparent planning. Authors Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and John Grigsby examined a purported Martian city in some fact in their book The Mars Mystery—A Tale Of The End Of Two Worlds. Their sold commentary ostensible to support that a structures are indeed a stays of an ancient civilization.

1 The Many Random ‘Objects’ Seen On Mars

Martian Surface

From a Viking goal to a benefaction day, people on Earth have had a event to perspective thousands of images of a Martian terrain. While many see a barren planet, a universe of silt and rocks, some have picked out some unequivocally weird sights that are interesting, during a unequivocally least.

In 2015, a sketch was singled out that allegedly showed a busted post or mainstay and what seemed to be petroglyphs some-more suggestive of ancient Egypt. In a summer of a same year, a sketch flooded amicable media that was pronounced to uncover an visitor lady on a plateau of Mars. Years earlier, a some-more famous sketch was pronounced to have prisoner a lady walking along a aspect of a red planet.

There have been countless purported cinema that are pronounced to enclose a stays of tellurian skeleton and even skulls laying on a aspect of Mars, while others have claimed to have speckled Martian animals such as lizards and even rats. Perhaps a many famous of these did a Internet rounds in 2015, when an sagacious fan claimed to have speckled a Martian crab on a planet.

Officially, all of these sightings are elementary tricks of a light, yet researchers and swindling theorists trust a camera doesn’t distortion and contend that there are some-more to a images than we are being told. No doubt a “sightings” will continue until we finally conduct to get a manned goal onto Martian soil.

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