10 Crazy Scientific Proposals That Make You Question Scientists

Academically, scholarship exists to assistance us know a humanity, a environment, a world, and a universe. Pragmatically, it exists to assistance us solve a problems. Many challenges, such as how to heal diseases, have been solved with a assistance of science.

It’s for this reason that any time we face new obstacles, such as meridian change and pollution, we mostly spin to scholarship for answers. Most of a time, a solutions given by scientists are essential and effective. However, there are cases when their proposals are usually plain absurd. They make we wish to blurt out, “Are they serious?”

10 A Man-Made Mountain In UAE


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is famous all over a star for carrying a world’s tallest skyscraper—the 820-meter-tall (2,700 ft) Burj Khalifa. However, if a systematic offer is adopted by a UAE government, this Middle Eastern republic could turn famous for something else—a fake mountain.

This suspicion competence sound ridiculous, yet it’s corroborated by science. With a UAE situated in an dull region, a origination of an fake towering competence finish a country’s H2O problem. A fake towering could encourage cloud formation. Then these clouds could be seeded to kindle rainfall.

In theory, this offer could work. However, according to Roelof Bruintjes, a continue alteration researcher from a University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, building such a towering is subsequent to impossible.

For one thing, where will a builders get a tender materials to emanate such an huge structure? In addition, carrying an fake towering competence irritate a problem instead of elucidate it. A fake towering could encourage rainfall in some areas, yet a land on a other side of a fake structure competence turn even drier.

9 Asteroid Dust Cloud In Space


One of a many effective ways to solve tellurian warming is to shade a universe from a Sun’s heat. This resolution competence sound simple, yet it’s impossibly formidable to exercise in genuine life.

Many versions of shading a Earth from a Sun have been proposed. But maybe zero is as crazy as a one suggested by Scottish scientists—blasting a hulk dirt cloud off an asteroid into space. If this crazy offer works, it could dramatically cold down Earth.

But as we can imagine, implementing such an out-of-this-world resolution entails certain concerns and risks. For example, how will scientists constraint a vast asteroid? Does a record to accomplish this even exist?

Also, even if scientists conduct to constraint a vast asteroid, a vicinity to a universe could lead to deleterious consequences. Finally, this crazy offer competence work on paper, yet there’s no pledge that it will work in genuine life. Scientists don’t have a means to exam a efficacy on a vast scale before implementing it.

8 A Brighter Moon


Most solutions to meridian change rivet a Sun. But a new systematic offer suggests changeable a concentration from a Sun to a Moon. To revoke meridian change, scientists introduce creation a Moon brighter.

Lightening a Moon’s aspect could theoretically simulate some-more object onto Earth, that could lead to reduction appetite expenditure during night. Experts wish that this artificially prompted materialisation could lead to fewer CO emissions.

After this offer was finished public, it was heavily criticized by a systematic community. For example, Alan Robock, a climatologist from Rutgers University, forked out that creation a Moon brighter could potentially make meridian change worse. He emphasized that augmenting a Moon’s reflectivity could boost Earth’s temperature.

Aside from these criticisms, a proponents of this absurd offer also need to residence several issues, such as a form of materials to use to make a Moon brighter. In addition, night light bearing can also lead to a few upsetting side effects for tellurian health.

7 Wrapping Greenland’s Glaciers In Blankets


Glaciers cover usually 10 percent of Earth’s surface, yet they enclose 75 percent of a world’s freshwater supply. Over a past decades, these vast rivers of ice have been melting dramatically. If these glaciers continue to dissolve, afterwards coastal cities, such as New York, could potentially disappear.

To forestall glaciers from serve liquefying, Jason Box, a glaciologist from Ohio State University, due a weird solution—wrap glaciers in blankets that would simulate a Sun’s heat. Box came adult with this suspicion after conducting several expeditions to Greenland given 1994.

In 2009, Box and 3 other scientists returned to Greenland to exam his “reflective blankets” theory. For this experiment, a researchers used 31 hulk rolls of white polypropylene blankets, that can cover a aspect area of 10,000 retard meters (108,000 ft2). They were designed to retard out breeze and simulate a Sun’s rays.

Although covering Greenland’s glaciers in contemplative blankets would be expensive, Box believes that his offer is most cheaper than creation vast changes in coastal cities influenced by rising sea levels.

6 Space Mirrors


For some bizarre reason, many scientists are spooky with a suspicion of formulating and rising a structure into space that will simulate some of a Sun’s feverishness rays, thereby cooling Earth significantly and elucidate tellurian warming.

In 2002, Star Technology and Research, a space consulting firm, due a crazy suspicion of a network of steerable space mirrors designed to circuit Earth’s equator. The proponents of this crazy systematic offer claimed that a space mirrors could revoke Earth’s atmosphere feverishness by as most as 3.0 degrees Celsius (5.4 °F).

However, this desirous explain was refuted by a Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. Their investigate showed that space mirrors competence beget deleterious consequences instead of elucidate tellurian warming. Although space mirrors could simulate some of a Sun’s feverishness rays, they could also lead to several unintended outcomes, such as cooler tropics yet warmer poles, reduced rainfall, and an disproportionate diminution in tellurian temperature.

Thankfully, this systematic offer was never undertaken. Even if a supervision decides to account this absurd idea, a record indispensable to emanate space mirrors does not exist yet.

5 A Mediterranean Dam


During a early 1900s, Europe was raid with appetite problems, stagnation issues, and intercountry conflicts. To solve these problems, German designer Herman Sorgel due an out-of-this-world solution: Dam a Mediterranean.

Sorgel was a hydropower enthusiast, and he believed that damming a Mediterranean could emanate a poignant appetite source for Europe and Africa. He also believed that embarking on this ambitious, intensely costly devise would encourage assent among European nations since their leaders wouldn’t have any income left to rivet in wars.

In 1952, Sorgel died, that led to a passing of his desirous yet eminent proposal. Although Sorgel’s suspicion was imperfect, unrealistic, and impractical, a thought behind it was commendable. He believed that we could usually solve a problems that raid us and grasp genuine durability assent by operative together.

4 A Fake Volcano


In 1991, a volcano in a Philippines called Mount Pinatubo erupted. Although this healthy difficulty severely ravaged a Southeast Asian country, it had a surprisingly certain outcome on a whole universe by momentarily shortening a effects of tellurian warming.

Unlike a UAE’s devise for an fake mountain, scientists do not advise formulating a verbatim fake volcano. Instead, they wish to impersonate a effects of a volcanic eruption. This can be finished by regulating a swift of business jets to recover sulfuric poison into a atmosphere.

This sulfuric poison would mix with H2O fog to form a piece famous as excellent sulfate particles. These artificially constructed sulfate particles would afterwards be means of reflecting a Sun’s feverishness rays, that would revoke tellurian warming.

Creating a feign volcano competence seem like an effective and possibly resolution to tellurian warming, yet it’s ridiculously dangerous. For example, excellent sulfate particles could potentially lead to atmosphere wickedness deaths. They could also lead to a lethal splotch of fruitful coral reefs and a ripping detached of ozone molecules in a atmosphere.

This systematic offer merely masks a symptoms of tellurian warming. It’s like perfuming a skunk.

3 Tiny Diamonds In The Atmosphere


When we hear a word “diamonds,” we roughly immediately consider of jewelry—necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. Never does a suspicion of tellurian warming cranky a minds. But now a group of Harvard scientists is suggesting a new use for this profitable gemstone.

They introduce spraying solid dirt into a atmosphere to cold a planet. Just like excellent sulfate particles, solid dirt is means of reflecting some of a Sun’s feverishness rays. Unlike a a sulfate particles, however, solid nanoparticles are some-more effective and reduction deleterious to a environment.

As we can imagine, releasing solid dirt into a sky is intensely expensive. The Harvard scientists guess that it would take hundreds of thousands of tons of solid particles annually to make any poignant change to Earth’s rising temperature.

Even yet fake solid dirt is now sole during reduction than $100 per kilogram ($45/lb), it would still need billions of dollars any year to account this crazy systematic proposal. Aside from a cost, scientists have not entirely dynamic a risks compared with a participation of solid dirt in a atmosphere.

2 A Man-Made Glacier


Scientists envision that sea levels will arise adult to 3 meters (10 ft) in a subsequent dual centuries. This guess is formed on a arrogance that amiability will be means to revoke tellurian warming by during slightest 2.0 degrees Celsius (3.6 °F).

To residence rising sea levels, a group of German scientists and engineers has suggested a terrible solution—create a fake Antarctic glacier. This crazy, desirous thought can be achieved by pumping seawater onto Antarctica.

By formulating a vast fake glacier, a German researchers wish to revoke a arise of sea levels. However, for this crazy systematic offer to work, seawater needs to be pumped as distant into Antarctica as possible, that would need gigantic amounts of energy. The proponents of this devise have certified that their thought “should be tucked divided and saved for a worst-case scenario.”

Building a fake glacier could theoretically solve one of a effects of tellurian warming, yet it also poses several deleterious consequences. For example, in a routine of constructing an fake glacier, Antarctica’s sourroundings and ecology could collapse, heading to a continent’s “death.”

In addition, this resolution is usually temporary. Once scientists stop a pumping of seawater, a vast fake glacier will melt, heading to a thespian arise of sea levels.

1 A New Supercontinent


Herman Sorgel, who due a suspicion of damming a Mediterranean, isn’t a usually large follower in humans operative together to solve indomitable problems. Jonathon Keats, a unpractical artist and initial philosopher, also believes that a usually approach to save a failing planet, grasp genuine peace, and solve meridian change is by operative together. He proposes an out-of-this-world resolution to grasp that: Create a new supercontinent.

By gradually relocating a planet’s tectonic plates by a use of a latest geoengineering methods, Keats envisions merging all of Earth’s continents and islands into one hulk landmass. He intends to call this new supercontinent Pangaea Optima.

To grasp his goal, Keats determined Political Tectonics Lab, an group that specializes in tactful geoengineering. In Keats’s new supercontinent, a United States, China, and Russia would turn neighbors.

Theoretically, this should discharge all a domestic and chronological rivalries and conflicts that exist among these absolute nations. In reality, however, this could lead to larger tensions instead of that fugitive star peace.

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