10 Ancient Sites That Might Be Stargates, Portals And Wormholes


Many ancient cultures pronounce of portals to other worlds and gateways to star systems where their “creators” reside. Conventional knowledge tells us these tales are merely misconceptions and legends. However, new declassified FBI files have settled that a Earth has been visited by beings from other measure and planets. NASA has announced that “portals” do indeed seem to be dark within a Earth’s captivating field, creation some consternation if a legends of stargates, portals and wormholes might have some grade of law to them.

10 Gate Of The Gods, Hayu Marca, Peru


In 1996, it was detected by Jose Luis Delgado Mamani while he was perplexing to learn a blueprint of a area for a pursuit he had recently taken as a debate guide. The “Gate of a Gods” during Hayu Marca in Peru is pronounced by local tribes to have once acted as a “gateway to a land of a Gods.” Mamani even claims that he had dreams of a pathway for years before he had incidentally found it. In his dream, Mamani settled that a pathway heading to a pathway was done of pinkish marble, and had also witnessed a smaller pathway that was open with a “brilliant blue light entrance from what looked like a shimmering tunnel.”

The “doorway” is indeed dual doorways, roughly in a “T” shape. The incomparable pathway measures 7 meters far-reaching and 7 meters high (22 ft by 22 ft) while a smaller one stands dual meters high (6.5 ft) in a center of a base. Legends state that a incomparable pathway is for a gods, themselves. The smaller pathway is for mortals to pass through, and some drastic mortals did, apropos imperishable themselves to live among a gods.

One fable of a mortal flitting by a pathway appears to lend a tiny credit to Mamani’s purported dream. The story says that when Spanish explorers arrived in Peru in a 16th century, looting Inca cache as they went, an Incan clergyman named Amaru Maru fled his church with a profitable golden disk—“The Key of a Gods of a Seven Rays.” Amaru Maru found a pathway and saw it was rhythmical by Shaman priests. He presented to them a golden disk, and following a protocol achieved by a priests, a smaller pathway opened. Behind it was a hovel that shone with good blue light. Amaru Maru upheld into a doorway, left a hoop with a Shaman priests, and dead from Earth to a land of a gods.

Interestingly, investigators did learn a small, round, indention in a stone on a right palm mainstay of a smaller doorway. The examinations led them to trust that should a hoop made intent be “inserted” into a indention, it would be hold in place by a surrounding rock.

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